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  1. No, but I did remember to take a plentiful supply of a certain prism based chocolate bar!
  2. I like the new form look. It’s the same as Rangers Media, where I also have an account.
  3. Lord Volvic as I live and breathe! Have you Etta Crouton lately?
  4. Around the world with Alan Partridge... in a Bullnose... on the left!
  5. The question is could I make the journey between Ibrox and Cappielow on the same day? I’m a bit of a maverick, I’m not afraid to break the law if I think it's necessary. I’m not a criminal, you know, but I will, perhaps, travel 80mph on the motorway if, for example, I want get to Sinclair Street for 3pm! Unlike Charles however, I don’t have an orange fedora!
  6. I think I’ll get a season ticket for Cappielow and Ibrox next season!
  7. Well done to the Glasgow Celtics. I prefer The Rangers but no sour grapes from me!
  8. I spent two bloody hours the other night trying to get Deliveroo downloaded to my Motorola TimePort. Kept getting an error message. Had mince and onions instead! Lynn made it.
  9. Ten on ten. Big fat shot of directors bitter, reading Simon Heffer until your mates arrive, no music, you’ve smashed it. I’m tearing up here.
  10. Someone pointed out to me that Ann Budge has dinner lady arms. I had a look for myself and God, they are vast!
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