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    He's not started yet. He might be shite in that game too. Back in your box.
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    If our main cause for concern is fading while already going deservedly in front and the opponent pushing harder for an equaliser then we'll do not too bad overall. The issues before a ball was kicked this season mostly centred on our questionable quality of our defence. Two clean sheets on the bounce - especially with whatever was meant to be our left hand side in today's team - is an encouraging sign. It's good to see Salkeld chipping in with a goal and to hear that McPake has started strongly. I think that default expectations can be upgraded from 'potential 13/14' disaster to 'brutally efficient 7/8th placed finish' at the moment (though of course we also kicked off 13/14 with a home win over modest opposition).
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    That's the way I saw it. We were comfortable if not outstanding until McPake got sent off, and then we capitulated. That's got to be a worry, as a fitter and stronger team would surely have punished us for that.
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    If we are going to play a high tempo pressing game all season then the players need to be fitter. Clinging on to that lead at times and not holding into the ball. Will take the win and a clean sheet but room for improvement
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    We were shite while he was on as well, anything good we did was just McPake doing it himself.
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    Nesbitt needs to shut his mouth and play. Having a moan at every decision today and on Tuesday.
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    Have you re-registered since the Queen of the South game? If not you need to.
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    That wee opening title sequence adds a sheen of professionalism. Good stuff that.
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    Genuinely don't mind £14, especially considering you can split it between mates (once we are allowed) that isn't possible if you're buying a ticket to attend the game.
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    Regardless of how Welsh plays for Celtic, there's absolutely nothing wrong with saying he was shite for Morton: that's an undeniable fact to anyone with the slightest understanding of football who watched him. I reckon he might still turn out to be excellent centre back, but he's clearly not a right back and as that's where he played every week he was dreadful. Even in the unlikely event he goes on to play at the highest level and win the Champions League several times, it won't change that fact.
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    I fully assumed it'd have been £20 a game, so £14 is alright for me.
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    Can you subscribe and record the match?
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    Yes good on Tuesday also. No fulltime relays did they decide none worth showing. Pity really as I could only tune in from 16.15 and from the comments I missed our best period. Why did we get pinned back for the last 15 was Hoppy not shouting for them to get up the park where are our leaders in the team. With such a short season every win is a success but my nerves may not hold out.
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    Proving there are some shite judges of players on this forum!

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