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  1. Why would that money go anywhere other than to GMFC?
  2. Uch lay off Crawford, he’s new to the forum...
  3. Surely that’s a bit counter intuitive? So you, and perhaps many others, hold off joining MCT because you want to see detailed plans. Let’s see you then see those plans, decide they aren’t ambitious enough, so don’t join. But they only weren’t ambitious enough cause they didn’t have as many members as they could have, because you hadn’t joined in the first place. Similarly, MCT do release a plan which prompts loads of additional fans to sign up. That plan is immediately then wrong and needs to be started again.
  4. I’m led to believe that MCT regularly monitors this forum. I’m hoping you will have seen the wide and varied discussions in the other threads, but can I urge MCT to release a further statement? Things have moved on a lot since the last (very welcome) statement, and fans need an update.
  5. I think you’ve missed the point. I think VT (he may correct me) is actually acknowledging that Dougie did have a very successful business empire and made a lot of money. Do we therefore really believe that he just forgot to make any arrangements for a plan for the debt to be written off? When he has been so successful? Hard to buy that.
  6. Hi Crawford, or Stuart, or whichever Rae you are. As has already been picked up, a number of your original points have already been answered, so I don’t think there’s any point in covering that ground again. As you are keen that some points are answered, maybe you could answer a few too? If you aren’t going to own up as a Rae, then at the very least you are clearly a strong supporter of them so genuinely keen to hear your thoughts on; 1. Why was Hopkin allowed to build a 22 man, imbalanced squad? Particularly at a time where we were already in the midst of a global pandemic and it was blatantly obvious we had to budget for no fans attending games. 2. On the first point, if you are happy to get into economics, P&L etc (and whatever other business buzzwords you have picked up), surely it’s basic sense to plan for the worst case scenario? Surely the budget for this season was built around not expecting fans back into Cappielow? Was it? If so, why is COVID suddenly being used as an excuse and is Crawford suddenly shocked that we can’t afford the players that we have? 3. Was too much money wasted on Hopkin? If rumours are true that he was told to release 5/6 players in January, and instead left himself; how sizeable was his salary? Was it really the equivalent to that of 5/6 players? Or should we now still expect to see 3/4 players out the door in January aswell as Hopkin leaving? If money was so tight, why last season did we “splurge” money on new dugouts, a new gym, meals at a hotel before every game etc? 4. What was the contingency plan if MCT failed? We are in the position we are in - a dire financial one apparently - and that’s with £10k per month coming through the door from MCT. What if members contributions suddenly stopped and we had to survive without handouts from the fans, like you know, the vast majority of clubs in Scotland? 5. Crawfords statement, and both of your posts, bleat on about lack of cash, but what have the club actively done to bring in more? I’m more than happy to dish out praise when it’s deserved - for example the streaming coverage has rightly been lauded as one of the best in Scotland, but what about other revenues for income? We’re now a few weeks away from Christmas - other teams are advertising merchandise sales, club themed Santa hats and Christmas jumpers. What have we had from Morton to encourage us to spend? Nothing. I went to buy a season ticket at the start of the season and poor systems, lack of encouragement and sales techniques etc put me off and I never did. Where is the commercial acumen that MacKinnon was supposed to bring to the club? As fans we can’t actively spend more at the club if there is nothing to buy. As you would put it, it’s simple economics. There’s probably about a million and one mort points I could make, and questions I could ask, but I’ll leave it there. I doubt I’ll get a response anyway, but more than happy for you to prove me wrong. It’s worth noting that fans don’t have to be treated like scum. Your posts don’t have to be so condescending and patronising - absolutely without the Rae family this club wouldn’t exist, but without the fans it wouldn’t either. Don’t forget that. We aren’t stupid.
  7. Gerry is a full time hairdresser. He was a partner in Stewart’s in Greenock for years. He’s been involved with various production activities for 10+ years and left his role as a hairdresser to work for Celtic full time, mainly for Celtic TV. He also has authored a few books and regularly MCs local events. He left The full time Celtic Jon and went back to working as a hairdresser while keeping part time activity going. He’s done a few local events “An evening with” type affairs, including with Andy Ritchie. He’s a local guy (Largs I believe) and don’t think he has ever hidden the fact he’s a Celtic fan.
  8. What an odd statement; surely it will now be on an ongoing basis given they will own the club..?
  9. Even around the 800 mark would be a great start. If memory serves, the 440 members we had were contributing around £9k p.c.m to the club. If we get to 800, we would then be talking £17-18k per month; around £200k per year. If you then assume we will have around 5 “patrons” paying £25k each per season, that’s another £125k per season, taking the total to £325k per year. Given MCT feel they can also identify efficiencies in the running of the club, and that we currently lose around £200k per year, you would assume that should mean we would then “lose” maybe £100k per season based on our current income, but with an extra £325k coming in on top of that, we should surely be looking at breaking even at the very least.
  10. An extra £20k per year from the new members over the last week alone - decent sum.
  11. I see that MCT have had an increase of 128 new members since the announcement - that’s pretty good going in less than a week! 30% increase in 5 days is pretty impressive. Given that a lot of existing members have also increased their contributions in that time, I’d be keen to know what the total monthly contribution value is now.
  12. Tbf simple but classy post from Crawfords son on twitter.
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