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  1. Tbf simple but classy post from Crawfords son on twitter.
  2. Also worth saying they clarified that the club will still be responsible for the upkeep costs of Cappielow and the car park, but that all income from both go to the club.
  3. They’ve said they can’t disclose exactly what the amount is, but it’s very small. Its really time protect Cappielow should MCT fall into hardship then it’s protected from any creditors. Was described as “future proofing” to protect Cappielow. it will be written into the lease that Morton will continue to play at Cappielow for as long as MCT own the club.
  4. Did anyone else see the MCT email today? A webinar arranged for the 8th July and it says... “During this webinar, the Directors will be providing an important update about the future of Morton Club Together and Greenock Morton Football Club. While we cannot say more prior to the webinar, we want to emphasise the historic importance of this update for the future of MCT and Greenock Morton and encourage you to attend if you can.” Anyone got any idea what that’s about?
  5. Does it say that though? I read it that he’s heard back from 41 out of the 42 clubs, and of those he’s heard back from there is “sufficient support” for the proposal; not that all 41 have indicated approval.
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