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  1. Anyone from MCT able to comment on this?
  2. Genuine question. I know the Easdales are still regulars in the Directors box (this season both at home AND away games), but why was Crawford Rae back sitting in what is traditionally the Chairman’s seat for the match against Killie?
  3. Anton McElhone is the new Head of Sports Science for Celtic.
  4. The picture is taken in a mirror…
  5. Try harder. Any “pleb” can go on their website and see. https://mortonclubtogether.co.uk/latest-news/13-mct-update-greenock-morton-board
  6. Latest email from MCT is signed off by an actual name.
  7. I’m led to believe that MCT regularly monitors this forum. I’m hoping you will have seen the wide and varied discussions in the other threads, but can I urge MCT to release a further statement? Things have moved on a lot since the last (very welcome) statement, and fans need an update.
  8. What an odd statement; surely it will now be on an ongoing basis given they will own the club..?
  9. Even around the 800 mark would be a great start. If memory serves, the 440 members we had were contributing around £9k p.c.m to the club. If we get to 800, we would then be talking £17-18k per month; around £200k per year. If you then assume we will have around 5 “patrons” paying £25k each per season, that’s another £125k per season, taking the total to £325k per year. Given MCT feel they can also identify efficiencies in the running of the club, and that we currently lose around £200k per year, you would assume that should mean we would then “lose” maybe £100k per season based on our current income, but with an extra £325k coming in on top of that, we should surely be looking at breaking even at the very least.
  10. An extra £20k per year from the new members over the last week alone - decent sum.
  11. I see that MCT have had an increase of 128 new members since the announcement - that’s pretty good going in less than a week! 30% increase in 5 days is pretty impressive. Given that a lot of existing members have also increased their contributions in that time, I’d be keen to know what the total monthly contribution value is now.
  12. Tbf simple but classy post from Crawfords son on twitter.
  13. Also worth saying they clarified that the club will still be responsible for the upkeep costs of Cappielow and the car park, but that all income from both go to the club.
  14. They’ve said they can’t disclose exactly what the amount is, but it’s very small. Its really time protect Cappielow should MCT fall into hardship then it’s protected from any creditors. Was described as “future proofing” to protect Cappielow. it will be written into the lease that Morton will continue to play at Cappielow for as long as MCT own the club.
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