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  1. Did ye, aye? The article in the link is from July 12th.
  2. Confirmed in Tele. We're after Stevie Mallan as well.
  3. No, you're still free to post in the forum.
  4. The mask would have spared everyone else from seeing the horrific injury you inflicted on yourself when you cut your nose off to spite your face.
  5. He said the squad have been together 5 years, not in the championship 5 years.
  6. If only a Morton fans forum existed, I'm sure if there was they would have discussed this extensively in preseason and then in almost every match and team related thread all through the season. If only...you had a fuckin brain.
  7. Part of the community trust, this is from their Facebook page.
  8. Imagine the type of mutated low life vermin that would follow those teams, get this proposal to fuck.
  9. He talked about his Christian faith while with us, was Gourley one too?
  10. Tommy the clown marathon runner, he collects for charity outside Smiths.
  11. After this week's horror stories that's a quite encouraging statement. This bit caught my attention; "The playing and coaching staff were asked to reduce their wages this year to assist the club. All players agreed to do this. They are a credit to Morton". Does that mean all or some of the coaching staff refused? And, where the fuck is the CEO? He's usually all to keen to rattle off a public statement.
  12. If Morton's goals per game got anywhere close to your riddies per post rate we'd win the championship at a canter.
  13. It should be flanked by pictures of yew trees.
  14. I wonder if the camera will actually move anytime soon.
  15. I registered and then paid for the Queen's match, it was all very straightforward and painless. Let's hope Tuesday's a success.
  16. Got signed up, here's what's on screen.
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