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Lindberg at Sportsman's Dinner

20 March 2019 - 04:41 PM



(although if the website person is reading this, run it through a spellchecker next time. It should be fans' favourite, not fans favourite, and renowned, not renound. Might also be good to link to PG Paper's website, since you linked to all the other partners.)


Lindberg and Dean Saunders. Thtriker!


Can we just bundle JJ onto the plane back to Helsinki and keep Janne as manager? I know he's got a guff record but he can't be any worse.

The Tidser Thread

27 February 2019 - 01:27 PM

Let's put our money where our mouths are. I'm seeing a lot of ITK comments about Tidser's future and would like to know where people stand on it. Note that this isn't what you want to happen - it's what you think has already happened. Presumably 99% of fans would want to keep him.


From my side, I've voted Don't Know.

Morton vs Foreign Opposition

11 January 2019 - 03:34 AM

Was looking around on Google earlier for Morton gear I wasn't familiar with and came across a match programme for a game against FC Metz from 1964:




This was, of course, just a friendly (and a mid-season one at that.) Morton were in in the top flight that year, finishing 10th (for reference, Rangers were 5th, Celtic 8th, St. Mirren 15th, and the champions were Kilmarnock, beating Hearts in a heart-stopping goal average finish.) Metz were then - as now - a yo-yo club, but were in the midst of a five-year spell in Ligue 2.


Does anyone know what this game was all about, or why it took place when it did?


And what other friendlies against non-British sides have we had? They're far less common these days, since smaller teams can't afford to travel and bigger ones won't want to faff about with teams like Morton, but we must have had others over the years, not just Metz.