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  1. In the past five days I've covered probably 300 miles of North Texas and not seen any of this. What I will say is that mask-wearing seems far less prevalent in the rural areas than in the cities, and slightly less prevalent in the suburbs than in the cities. For the most part, it's being well-observed. The "response" in most of the US has been utterly disgraceful, and this is in large part because - like virtually everything else - masks became a political symbol almost from the get-go. I am a galaxy brain who's been wearing masks on planes for literally years, so I was doing it before it was cool.
  2. Wonder what the arbitration body will look like?
  3. The only silver lining is that it wasn't a club in our division (or indeed country.) Good luck to him.
  4. I hope we get clarity over Ramsbottom soon, tbh. Hopefully he's a free agent. Good luck to him but he's not of the required standard.
  5. King of Wishful Thinking by Go West is actually from 1990. Another one of those, same time tomorrow.
  6. Carlo Monti looks a bit like Elon Musk.
  7. Juve sign Arthur from Barcelona. Miralem Pjanic goes the other way. Officially, Arthur cost 72+10m Euros and Pjanic 60+5m. So in other words, that's Pjanic plus ~12m for Arthur. Utter, utter madness from Barcelona. They needed to stick with Arthur, not buy a solid but hardly revolutionary guy who's on the wrong side of 30. They will regret this, I believe.
  8. I'd take Gary Deans a lot more seriously if he looked 10% less like a Bo Selecta mask.
  9. Normally I'd look at a picture like that and say "that's purely down to the use of a telephoto lens", but I've seen phone videos of people ridiculously close together. The photos do make it look worse than it is, but it's still completely excessive.
  10. Hilarious article from the Daily Record about this: Now, I'm not a legal expert like "Steven Mair" of the Record, but I've heard a rumor that another reason this isn't a "firm boost" is that these are... totally different countries with completely different legal systems. Perhaps someone can confirm?
  11. When River Plate in Argentina got relegated - this would have been around 10 years ago - talk of reconstruction immediately began. In the end they actually expanded the top flight to 30 teams to make it easier for big teams to avoid relegation. However, even the Argentines weren't so base and craven as to make it retroactive. River instead had to spend one season in their equivalent of the seaside leagues (Malvinas league?) before these changes eventually took effect a couple of years later. (Now they're down to a more manageable 24 teams.)
  12. If, and it's a big if, someone can put forward a case for why this is being proposed now that doesn't rest on "because Hearts don't want to be relegated", I'm all ears. Seems to me that there was no real appetite for a bigger top flight before this. What would the relegation/promotion situation be for 2021-22?
  13. I was just thinking that. Stranger things have happened, especially in the middle of the back line. Gordon Greer didn't make his Scotland debut until he was in his 30s. More recently there's been guys like Stephen O'Donnell and Declan Gallagher breaking through pretty late in the day. Granted you wouldn't want them being first choice at a major tournament, but for qualifiers and as squad players, Lamie could progress and put himself amongst them.
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