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  1. Loans are allowed until the end of February.
  2. BRING BACK OLD HANDBALL LAW YOUR various correspondents have come up with a number of suggestions for improving the implementation of VAR in football (Letters, January 25 & 27). However, they ignore the elephant in the room – the actual rules of the game. By far the most vexatious issue with VAR is undoubtedly the award of penalty kicks for handball. The powers that be have come up with guidance that is so contorted as to leave VAR officials and match referees in total confusion over the issue. Decisions such as the handball given against Efe Ambrose last Saturday leave fans and pundits in a state of disbelief. The only way to improve this flawed law is to revert to it having to be deliberate handball. While this remains open to interpretation, VAR would assist in getting most calls correct. Otherwise, it should apply to handball in all circumstances, which would be manifestly unfair but there would be no arguments. Gordon Evans, Glasgow.
  3. They were relegated at the end of the 2018-19 season.
  4. Not just poor taste, you fucked the joke up as well. Someone with tourettes would shout pissflaps, not a dyslexic. For dyslexia the punchline would be - when do we want it? Won!
  5. WTF you on about now? There's definitely a want with you.
  6. About Saturday’s performance Parasite Street Science Stay alert! Our crack team of scientists will be at Firhill on Saturday 6th August to keep any nasty infections spotted at bay. If you see them don’t worry! In fact, they may even try to recruit you to their team! Rumours are that a giant Tsetse fly carrying infection is on the loose, and it is only through banding together as one giant immune system that we can beat the infection together! Our microcosm of microbiology gives the fans a chance to get involved with learning the science behind the spread of infections and the role of antibodies within the body. Let’s hear it for our super scientists! Like flies on a shite.
  7. I think we're all waiting for that answer.
  8. Falkirk board publicly apologise for their fans behaviour.
  9. That is so bad its tremendous, I need to own one.
  10. I can't wait for the film; DreamOakTree and the Multiverse of Madness.
  11. I don't think we should use any of our playing budget on signing clients for the physio and doctor. It's possibly not his fault but he's about as reliable as Dominic Shimmin.
  12. He wasn't released, he completed his loan period and returned to his parent club.
  13. Six grand a month!! How much would he charge for an Alexander 'Zander' Easdale?
  14. George Caplin Posted just now Dougie Imrie will leave Morton this week to take over at Hamilton, Watch this space Posted on pie and bovril. I hope this is just a rehash of an old rumour.
  15. 1922 Hampden gate prices would swell the crowd and be good PR.
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