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  1. https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/board-update-13th-june-2020/ Get doon
  2. Sounds like he's been offered a 2 year deal by somebody
  3. Very good move for Sir Richard. Could he, dare I say it, sneak into a couple of Scotland squads somewhere down the line?
  4. Jordan White leaving ICT. I'd take him. He;s the sort of big hammer throwing forward that Hopkin seems to like in his teams..
  5. More chance of the Getafe friendly happening this summer than that being voted through.
  6. Given that we're past the standard contract expiry date in Scotland and haven't announced that any player is leaving, can we accume that they have all been extended them on the furlough scheme?
  7. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/dave-mackinnon-astounding-inverness-behaviour-22017229 "The Highland Minnows" Class from the Daily Record, for once.
  8. Rangers, Hearts, Dundee, Ayr, ICT, Partick and Falkirk will all be seething, which makes me very happy.
  9. Absolutely this. There's no chance that anyone going bust is getting kicked out the SPFL. Everyone will be given the chance to re-form.
  10. Jonestown documentary on BBC iPlayer, part of a series called Storyville. very good.
  11. Who was the Partick fan that used to come on here before a game against them? Every post would contain some reference about the Gourock train stopping at "every hole in the hedge"
  12. Why would Hamilton, Livingston and St Mirren vote for a 14 team top flight season with 3 relegation places? Especially if two of those teams being added/saved are Hearts and Dundee United, who would always be likely to finish above them in any regular season anyway? Same in our division. What benefit is it to ourselves to have a league of Ayr, Dunermline, Morton, Falkirk, Arbroath, Queen of the South, Partick, Raith, Dundee, Alloa with 3 relegation places, and no promotion play-offs? It would be absolutely lunacy to accept that. Temporary reconstruction is not happening. It only benefits the 4 horrible wee chancers trying to cheat themselves into a better posiiton for the 20/21 season
  13. The last thing this country needs right now is seeing Hearts, Falkirk and the two Thistles slithering out of their respective predicaments.
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