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  1. Anyone remember Sesame Street in the 70s/80s helping kids learning to count? Nice of Dunfermline to carry on teaching big numbers the last time we played them, although only 500 were allowed in. We were bottom of the league before kick-off. More of the same on Friday would be nice...
  2. Lyon must not be 100% fit surely? Dougie did seem to rate him as highly much as most of us do. A couple of bad mistakes (McEntee's generally been really good until today?) against a team enjoying a bounce combined with not taking advantage of being well on top for the first 20 minutes and bang, a really bad result. Just a shame it came today when we could have marooned them deep into the bottom 2. The rest of the season is going to be a total dog fight
  3. Is that commentator referring to us as "Greenock" a deliberate wind up?
  4. ICT v Ayr - Until about a week ago this would be a no brainer for me to want a home win, but now not so sure? Is it just me getting too carried away? I mean we're still only 4 points clear of 9th. Who wants what result here?
  5. Someone joked with me after the game and now it’s now stuck in my head. If this keeps going, at what point do we start worrying that a bigger club takes a look at Dougie’s work and poaches him away? Even if his contract is to the end of next season I imagine it would be affordable to loads of other clubs?
  6. 2 new challenges for him on Saturday I reckon. 1 - it'll maybe be the first time where there's now a heavy expectation for us to win comfortably as strong favourites? 2 - Also maybe the first time our opposition might be set up just not to lose, as opposed to trying for or expecting a win? Hopefully there's a decent crowd though as well as another great performance and result, and no sign of that bloody MOTM curse!
  7. So some people not happy with the board getting the hiring of a 1st team manager wrong because they don't know enough about football, want them to also make another appointment of a more senior footballing role? I'm not against the idea, but maybe it's naive to think it will be a success? As I've said before on here I'm not sure that fans of Hearts and Falkirk would recommend Craig Levein (managed at the highest level) or Gary Holt (kept Livi in Premiership) in their roles? Really not having a moan or saying we shouldn't, but any ideas as to who's out there, affordable, willing, and available? Most on here seem happy with 5 signings Gozie, Hamilton, Reilly (at the time), McIntee and Oksanen on loan, and keeping Jacobs and Ledger. Also most were happy to see Lyon, Strapp and McGrattan still here. More than a few not mentioned not so popular of course but is there really a well connected football brain out there that could do way better with our budget? Again, just looking for some ideas as to who people think could really help the team/club improve?
  8. Ha, thanks. Massive rant shot down in 2 lines. I'll try again in another 6 months.
  9. Frustrating as it is for the team on the park to have been pish for what seems like forever there's a lot of people on here who seem convinced that changing the manager / new board / everything / really would fix it. Let's say we do go looking for a director of football who do we get? Someone who's got a lot of experience and managed fairly successfully at a higher level, perhaps keeping a small team in the top flight? Like Gary Holt? Or maybe even all the way to international level, like Craig Levein? What would Hearts and Falkirk fans opinions be on them? Duffy? Worked so well at Ayr that Hoppy's already away and Jim's having to take the team. Also, if we get rid of the new board, who's taking that on? Does anyone on here know of people with footballing backgrounds and board level experience knocking on the doors at Cappielow and asking to join in? Especially when your reward is people who are unwilling or unable to do it themselves telling you where you're going wrong and how to fix it? Not saying you shouldn't expect criticism, just saying who wants that in their life? The Q+A wasn't great (being kind) but at least they tried something. If they all chucked it tomorrow then...I genuinely don't know what would happen. I listened to Cornetto there, which I enjoy, but thought it was a bit funny that they were handing out pelters left right and centre about various inept performances at the club in between silences from 1 of only 3 contributors. I mean how hard is it to check that 33% of your podcast is missing before telling the world it's a "must listen"? I've done some work for the club over the last few years on a voluntary basis and had dealings with 2 chief execs and the new general manager as well as Crawford and a few of the new MCT team now on the board and Gus. None of them (ok, maybe one) seemed concerned about themselves over what was good for the club. Everyone seems to think that relegation is the apocalypse. Of course I don't want us to go down, but what's more important is that there's always a club there to support and I can't help thinking the more we hound out people who are willing to actually try and take things on on behalf of the supporters, the worse the caliber of those who then take over will be. Again, Cornetto were already coming out with "At least when the Raes were there..." stuff this week. Do I think Dean and co. should go because of the silent gaps and that I don't agree with some of their content? Absolutely not, it's obvious they're passionate about the club and that's both brilliant and the most important thing by a mile. It's why I listen and enjoy it so much. And again, not saying it's fun being pish and 2nd bottom of the league, but surely the fact the new directors and staff in place are passionate enough about the club to put the time in to get involved in running it all is the most important thing? MCT getting the amount of people to sign up is a brilliant achievement. Lessons on how to not be so bad at answering fans questions will have be learnt along the way as I don't see who or what the alternative is? Saudis? Easdales? Anyone on here? It might be over 20 years ago now but since liquidation I just want the club to always be there. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's enjoyed great times (and shite) following Morton in every league they've played in since I was a kid. And despite now many fans unease and disappointment in the running of the club this season, along with results on the park, I still feel the club won't go down the toilet and I'll always be able to and watch a Morton team playing at Cappielow. And I know it's a (very) long shot, but we could be 6th by Saturday evening. (Too much?)
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