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  1. Thanks for that. So before Tuesday evening we're going to have to get registered and make our £10 payments to a standalone streaming service which doesn't as yet exist. What could possibly go wrong?
  2. You get ppv concerts on YouTube and you can pay for films etc. Why not Morton games? Genuine question, I'm not at the madam.
  3. "Tuesday night’s Betfred Cup game against Queen of the South will be streamed live across our media platform" I take that to mean the games will be streamed to TonTV on YouTube.
  4. Are they testing crowd noises in the background? Another shambles.
  5. Maybe a new channel was the easiest way to go when setting up the new streaming service. Setting up the different access levels for ST holders, ppv customers, channel subscribers and casual visitors is possibly easier if starting with a clean slate. I'm just guessing though.
  6. Is subscribing to a YouTube channel proving to be difficult for some people?
  7. Your shares are in GMFC Ltd and will be unchanged. Cappielow is owned by GMFC (Property) Ltd.
  8. Going by the terribly unfunny comebacks to VT, I'd say it's definitely him.
  9. At the first goal - "Morton score...the thing we were not wanting"
  10. Maybe switch to another website, there's not much in here you can knock one off over.
  11. With the present numbers, how much money will be going to the playing budget per month?
  12. No-ones paying it all back if as stated they're writing off 2.5m debt for £400k of investment in the first team.
  13. The implication is that only a fucking idiot would think it's a legitimate question.
  14. He's beyond caricature,and he's hilarious on camera. "It's not about ego, I'm just an 'umble man that's gifted."
  15. Thanks for that Nacho, very interesting read.
  16. Can someone interpret this for the old of thinking, please?
  17. Maybe he has grown up into a mature pervert? Exposing your genetalia to strangers isn't a step on the road to responsible adulthood for most folk.
  18. What is this gibberish? The phrase is 'font of all knowledge', I'm not surprised at your ignorance of it.
  19. Exciting tag team action here as partrijanus attempt to undermine the MCT.
  20. An actual joke from APT, that's a first! I'm glad I inspired you to reach this dizzying new height.
  21. Another page ruined by the same tedious cunt.
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