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  1. Struggling to breathe hopefully. Whoever was behind the email can't be playing with a full deck. How could they think their derisory offer would be in any way appealing to MCT/GMFC/Us?
  2. There's no point in asking, you'll get no reply...
  3. View this email in your browser Morton Club Together director, Aidan Tracey, has tendered his resignation from the board. Current personal and family circumstances are taking up a considerable amount of his time, which sees him unable to commit the time he would like to as an MCT director to help move Morton forward and drive MCT into our new era as club owners. Aidan provided the following for MCT members: “Since becoming an MCT director I’ve come to realise that the level of commitment this position requires is something that I’m not able to commit to. I’d like to do it to the best of my ability but I know, with my current circumstances, I’m not able to do that. I am in genuine awe of what has been achieved to date and want to thank the current and past directors for the commitment you’ve all put in over the past few years. I’m also incredibly grateful to those that nominated and voted for me to become an MCT director and hope they understand why I’m not able to continue in the role. I remain fully behind MCT, and community ownership for Greenock Morton Football Club, and I can’t encourage members enough to continue to engage with your thoughts and questions.” We are committed to providing opportunities for our members to contribute to our long-term vision of being regarded as the benchmark example of community ownership. As such, despite our articles not requiring us to do so, we will now be seeking to appoint a new director in place of Aidan. Following the same format as our recent AGM, we are now inviting MCT members to put themselves forward for nomination, with voting taking place at an EGM, which we will confirm a date for in due course. Prospective board members are required by our articles to have 12 MCT members nominate them to become a director. If you would like to put yourself forward as an MCT director, please email and advise individuals who will be nominating you that they are required to email the same address to confirm their nomination of you as a candidate, with the vote taking place at the EGM. The deadline for nominees and for member nominations to be received is two weeks today, Thursday the 18th of November, 2021. This is your chance to play an active role in the future of Morton Club Together and Greenock Morton Football Club. If you feel you have the time, commitment, desire and skills to contribute and move Morton forward then it’s time for you to step forward. The Morton Club Together board wishes to place on record their sincere thanks to Aidan for his hard work as a member of our wider team and then subsequently his time as a director. We hope all members will do the same, while also respecting Aidan’s privacy at this time. Thanks, MCT Board
  4. Accidently downvoted this, trying to close another pop up ad and missed.
  5. According to today's Tele it has now been sold for scrap.
  6. Dear members, We've done it! The deal is agreed, documents have been signed and Morton Club Together's takeover of Greenock Morton is confirmed. Our football club is now officially community owned. You, our 850+ members, have got us to this point today and we can't thank you enough. In just two years, from a standing start, we've gone from nothing to a 15% shareholding to now owning just under 90% of the shares in the club. Today's announcement marks that incredible journey and the contributions you've all made along the way, whether financial, time or just by supporting us and wishing us well along the way. Many of you bought into Graham McLennan's original vision for MCT and he had this message for the members. “Since launch day, MCT has been about bringing people together. Without our fellow MCT members and the ongoing efforts and support of so many people inside and outside MCT, the change already delivered at Morton and the opportunities created to continue to move Morton forward, would simply not be possible. I will never stop being humbled, amazed and thankful to every single person who continues to come forward to support and help MCT and Morton. We are all in this equally and together we will continue to work hard, openly and respectfully, as we all share a love for Morton and the community within which it operates, and always will. We could say that we are now just arriving at the starting line of a new era, with an exciting journey ahead. Of course there are huge challenges to be addressed as we strive to achieve the best Morton possible, and power in people numbers has never been so important. By sticking together and continuing to welcome new members into MCT, I am confident that what Morton will achieve is potentially incredible.” Fellow club and MCT board member, Gordon Ritchie, said: “It has been a long road to achieve a result that met the needs of both parties - community ownership of Morton while protecting the future of Cappielow. We are delighted that MCT has come so far in its 30 months of existence. “As complex as the takeover has been, we are fully aware that the future management of the club will be equally challenging, but we are looking forward to moving Morton forward. We are grateful to every member of MCT who has supported us on this journey.” The takeover, of course, sees Golden Casket end their relationship with the club. Outgoing chairman, Crawford Rae, wanted to share this with the club's fans. "Graham McLennan founded MCT and put together a group of amazing people who between them have a huge wealth of experience. There is always strength in numbers but far greater strength is achieved with a collective goodwill which MCT delivers in abundance. There is no better legacy for the Rae family than to afford the fans the opportunity of community ownership which is why we decided to gift MCT our majority shareholding as opposed to selling to a third party. The vision that MCT displayed to our family convinced us that community ownership was the best option for the future success of Greenock Morton Football Club and the right time for us to step aside. The last 20 years has been a rollercoaster of emotions for every member of the Rae family, we have met some great characters and made many good friends along the way. We could not have done any of this without the undying support of the Morton fans who have been the backbone of our team. For their contribution we will be eternally grateful." Stewart Farmer and Graham Barr have joined previous Greenock Morton Football Club board members Graham McLennan and Gordon Ritchie as the MCT representatives on the newly appointed club board. Nick Robinson and Alex Gray remain on the club board, providing experience and continuity. Again, we wanted to thank you all for your support and patience in us to get this deal over the line. Saturday will mark our first official game as a community owned club, and it would be great to see many of you at Cappielow for the visit of Arbroath on Saturday to celebrate the start of this new chapter in the club's history. If you have any questions at all, please do email Thanks, MCT Comms Team
  7. Dear members, A big thank you to those of you that joined us in person and on Zoom for our 2021 AGM on Monday evening. We’re looking to host more events across the next year, not to mention finally getting a date in for our postponed sportsmans dinner that many of you are confirmed to join. This week’s update is a summary of the past year of Morton Club Together coupled with some updates from the AGM itself. The past year has been a successful year overall for Morton Club Together, with several important moments and milestones. Naturally our highlight was on the evening of the 8th of July 2020 when it was announced to members, and the wider public, of the in-principle agreement to transfer the ownership of the club from Golden Casket to MCT. The time since has seen MCT play a growing role at the football club, as we looked to gain an understanding of how a professional club is run within the Scottish game. Some of our key highlights of the past year include: Membership increasing continually and breaking through the 800 barrier – now sitting at 859 which is a fantastic number. Maintaining and increasing contributions to the club to over £100,000 – again, this is set to be £120,000 over the 2021/22 season, a hugely significant sum. Selling 240 facemasks resulting in a £700 donation to Belville Community Gardens Consulting with members and being able to significantly improve our initial takeover deal to ensure that Cappielow is within the ownership of the club. The strength and volume of engagement from members was crucial in this process – we received over 500 responses during this consultation. Making strides towards beginning to change the club culture to embrace aiming for a break even budget and a sustainable future. Launching two new strips including our commemorative, sponsorless 1922 cup final kit – sales of these two strips have been positive to date. Being on the brink of completing community ownership – while we’d love to say that deal is now completed, we continue to work towards ensuring all boxes are ticked and hope to have positive news soon, until then we will continue to update you weekly. Supporting the recruitment of the club’s new General Manager, Chris Ross. The past year has been significantly impacted by Covid as well as some periods of turbulence within the club. We certainly do not think that there could be a more trying time to be involved in learning and ultimately leading the running of a professional football club. Therefore, it’s important to say how incredible your support has been in achieving what we have against an extremely difficult backdrop. As has always been said, MCT’s strength is in its members and over the past year we have had many members help the club through contributions and the selfless devotion of time to ride out this difficult period. It's easy to forget that this is just our third year in existence. We've come a long way but there's still a lot of hard work to go to keep moving Morton forward. We’re delighted to announce that three new directors have been voted onto the MCT board. Aidan Tracey, Sam Robinson and Chris Samson will work alongside Graham McLennan, Gordon Ritchie and Stewart Farmer to bring new impetus and fresh ideas to drive MCT’s future success. 192 members voted and the results were as follows; Aidan 77.43%, Sam 83.33% and Chris 84.33%. We’d also like to take the opportunity to thank Graham Barr and Ivor McCauley for their dedication to MCT over their time as directors, as they step down from the board. Their hard work has helped us get where we are today and we look forward to continuing to work closely with Graham in his place on the club board, and Ivor will continue to be a valued MCT member. The other official AGM business on the night was voting on the proposed amendments to MCT's articles. Here's the information on the votes for both. Add para 4.4 “Shares in Greenock Morton Football Club Ltd, owned or controlled by the Company, may be sold or disposed of at the discretion of the directors of the Company subject to the following restrictions: a) the approval of a General Meeting is required if the sale would result in the total shareholding in GMFC falling below 75% of the total share capital of GMFC b) the approval of a General Meeting is required if the sale would result in the total shareholding in GMFC falling below 50% of the total share capital of GMFC. The proceeds of any sale of shares must be deposited into the funds of the Company.” Members voted to approve this amendment with 82 voting yes and 2 voting no. An amendment to article 15.3 to delete “20” and substitute therefor “12”. Members voted to approve this amendment with 84 voting yes and 2 voting no. Fans can view our current articles of association here, but note that these will now be amended following the above votes to approve. We hope that some more stable times are ahead of us and having fans back at games is a huge step towards a normal we recognise. We fully expect the takeover to be completed soon, once all the I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed by the relevant legal advisors, though we are very pleased to say that the main hurdles appear to be cleared. If you have any questions or queries don't hesitate to get back in touch by replying to this email or sending us one at any time to Thank you again for your support and patience. We’ll see you tomorrow at Cappielow for the visit of Raith Rovers. Thanks, MCT Board
  8. Dear Members, Updates following defeats aren’t easy. Saturday’s result at Firhill was a tough one to take. We’d like to apologise for the slight delay in this weekly update, and will aim to have another one to you at the tail end of this week. Takeover Update Again, thank you for your patience around the finalised takeover. There’s some progress to update on this week. There’s been discussions between both sides legal teams and it's positive to report that all points in the agreement are settled which means the final draft documents are now being prepared. This is a big step forward on our march towards community ownership. Squad Building One of the biggest areas of fan discussion at the moment is around the squad and how it’s shaped up heading into the new season. We have previously highlighted our desire for the club to be run in a sustainable way, moving from a club that regularly accrues annual losses to one that breaks even, or indeed, makes a profit. As such, we cannot adopt a cavalier approach to squad building and financial management. The future of the squad is largely seen as one that is smaller than previous seasons, consisting of a strong first team backed up by a competitive contingent of young players. A budget was produced and a squad structure was agreed upon with the management team. Members of the incoming club board and the management team are in regular communication, processes that weren’t previously there at the club are now in place and discussions are constantly happening to add to the squad. We feel the disappointment of fans, we’re fans too. Signing new players is the most exciting thing that happens outwith being at a match. Gavin Reilly has joined the club on a season-long loan deal from Livingston, and Gus has highlighted that we’re in the market for signings and work continues on making those moves happen. While the transfer window does traditionally close, Scottish Championship clubs are able to sign free agents and domestic loans MCT Director Vote We were in touch earlier this week with information on the prospective new MCT directors, and the details on how to vote ahead of our AGM on the 13th of September. Please check back on that email and consider voting if you haven’t yet done so. It remains open until Thursday 9th September. Thanks, MCT Comms Team
  9. I came in 5 minutes late to that game so missed our goal.
  10. It's not the badge that's misplaced, the hoops are not aligned properly, look at where the top hoops on each shirt cross through the collar buttons. Shoddy.
  11. Did ye, aye? The article in the link is from July 12th.
  12. He said the squad have been together 5 years, not in the championship 5 years.
  13. Imagine the type of mutated low life vermin that would follow those teams, get this proposal to fuck.
  14. He talked about his Christian faith while with us, was Gourley one too?
  15. Tommy the clown marathon runner, he collects for charity outside Smiths.
  16. After this week's horror stories that's a quite encouraging statement. This bit caught my attention; "The playing and coaching staff were asked to reduce their wages this year to assist the club. All players agreed to do this. They are a credit to Morton". Does that mean all or some of the coaching staff refused? And, where the fuck is the CEO? He's usually all to keen to rattle off a public statement.
  17. If Morton's goals per game got anywhere close to your riddies per post rate we'd win the championship at a canter.
  18. It should be flanked by pictures of yew trees.
  19. Are they testing crowd noises in the background? Another shambles.
  20. Your shares are in GMFC Ltd and will be unchanged. Cappielow is owned by GMFC (Property) Ltd.
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