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    Now, if the tweet had said 'buy a Ray McKinnon - JUDAS crowdie' to give him it tight in your absence, they would have sold loads today.
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    And here we have, under the letter J, we've got Jean Johannson, there is Junior football and Jai Quitongo - yes, he's still there.
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    £25 and they don’t even bother their arse to try to cut round the shape of the picture. The rest is best ignored and pretending it doesn’t exist.
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    Big Bin beamed some impressive video content from his cave. Morton could use his expertise right now.
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    The first place anyone who hadn't previously bought a match will go to will probably be the Club's website. A link there in a prominent place is essential. Once people are used to the new system, it's still important to point away supporters in the right direction. Don't assume everyone has even heard of TonTV. The marketing of our products is abysmal. If I wanted to get a stream for an away game, I would look first at the official website of whoever it is - and be fairly confident it would be better sorted than our own often non-intuitive set-up.
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    The bit in bold, I have a Gmail account that starts with Mr... However I have never had a Twitter account nor have I ever contacted Callum McFadden or yourself. Can you please do me a favour and PM me with what you have received, as I am concerned that someone may be trying to pass themselves off as me. ETA: Also, Callum, if you are reading this (which I suspect that you may be) can you please PM me too. Thanks.

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