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  1. It is great to see the Grangemouth fans up in arms karma is a great thing.
  2. When did he sign I must have missed it. 😂
  3. I see it has been announced that former Chelsea and Dundee United goalkeeper has passed away. I remember Andy Ritchie scoring a hat trick against him at Cappielow. He also played against Morton in the Inter Fairs Cup in 1968. R.I.P.
  4. I see Motherwell want to sign Ricky Lamie on a pre contract also interest from England.
  5. Long may it cost that rabble of a club.
  6. Maybe he went in and asked for it back.
  7. The sooner Rae is out the club the better before he kills it all together.
  8. I hope those that do go and meet him tells him how it is the team is shite the board have caused this apathy amongst the support the website is shite amongst other things and should be addressing what they should be doing. Instead of having a go at his customers.
  9. I would hardly say kicking off he is stating a fact which he is entitled to do.
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