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  1. According to the Record we are looking at an Australian midfielder Jordan Lennon who came through the ranks at Newcastle Jets.
  2. That is a fair shout only played about 10 games for the Midden this season.
  3. 9 games and counting without a league win tick tock
  4. Question for the board how much longer do we have to watch these poor performances McPherson is going to get us relegated.
  5. A Michael Tidser like player in midfield would have been good also but all in all a good day.
  6. Ayr fans on P&B wanting Hopkin out and slagging Salkeld and Fjortoft.
  7. We are a joke of a club thanks to Crawford Rae no decent players would touch us now. MCT have a hell of a job trying to fix the damage that has been done.
  8. If the latter is the case MCT are reneging over their quality promise.
  9. Unfortunately that is the problem fans have been staying away because of the Rae's lack of ambition over the years. MCT have major problems trying to attract those fans that have fell away back. And at the moment with the lack of signings they won't be coming back anytime soon.
  10. What do others think is the problem that we can't seem to be able to sign players. We are 4 days away from the new season and at the very least 4 players short in the squad . Is it a case we are offering poor wages or do players just see us as a joke of a club.
  11. It is starting to get a bit concerning that we are 12 days away from the league season starting and we are still short on the squad front.
  12. I suppose there will be guys on trial that he is running the rule over. What I like about McPherson is he is not signing people just for the sake of it.
  13. His ratio of goals per games is not too bad having said that he doesn't play a major number of games at the clubs he has been at. Which makes me wonder if he is injury prone.
  14. Looking at the video he looks a decent standard certainly a step up from our last English goalie but having said that so was Cappie the Cat.
  15. Side way move shows his ambition.
  16. It is all about what we can afford and unfortunately we don't have loads of money. That is why we should be looking at signing a mixture of full and part-time players. Because we could get decent players from part-time teams.
  17. Can see him going to Arbroath or Alloa.
  18. The guy was found guilty and what ever the courts did to him he has served. He has learned from it not broken the law since he is a step up from Mcginty so let's move on and give the guy a break.
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