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  1. Can’t help wondering why it’s taken more than half the season to sign a pub league keeper.
  2. We desperately need somebody who can be a focal point for attacks just as much as for them to put the ball in the net. The most concerning thing in the ratings TRVMP posted was that he was playing oh the left: the last thing we need is another wide player.
  3. £25 and they don’t even bother their arse to try to cut round the shape of the picture. The rest is best ignored and pretending it doesn’t exist.
  4. There’s no point of that “custom branded” strips if we can’t get a decent training range along with it. Shouldn’t be that hard to get some good trackies made with the colours blue, white and yellow, just knock off a few old Boca designs.
  5. This kind of shite just isn’t acceptable yet it’s happening at every turn. MacKinnon has contrived to drag an already shambolic club to even lower depths of incompetence, total waste of space.
  6. Not particularly a fan of the Admiral tops myself, but to have them so prominent then not sell them is bonkers even by Morton's standards.
  7. Also, posting a daft wee video and offering no clue as to who the fuck the guy is cracking communications, it has to be said.
  8. Suppose somebody has to fill Billy King's seat in the stand.
  9. Do the club actually pay anybody’s wages these days? Having to get a director to cough up for a wee guy to sit on the bench seems somewhat grim.
  10. Kinda reminds me of Lionel Hutz' business card: "New Website? No, problems!" It looks rotten, the "shop" is particularly farcical having as it does two different versions of a strip to advertise a "crowdie" (whatever the fuck that is) without, as far as I can see, even containing a link anywhere on the entire site to where you can buy an actual strip. The less said about those t-shirts the better.
  11. Even being called “Slaney” makes him sound like a prize tadger.
  12. Ah, fair enough. Can’t claim to be an expert on his time at Hearts but would imagine the point still stands.
  13. Aye, I don’t really know much about the podcast, but nobody with a modicum of knowledge of the Scottish leagues could possibly suggest Witteveen as being anywhere close to the one of the worst players to play in them.
  14. I don't think that really matters, to be honest. None of our recent teams would have been any more interesting if we had been playing Raith or East Fife or whoever else a couple of times instead of Queen of the South.
  15. So in other words, a lack of pace limited his opportunities, i.e. held him back. Anyway, I struggle to really care too much about Tidser. In purely sporting terms it's embarrassing for him to have plunged so low so quickly, but some players simply aren't that arsed about football and will be happy enough as long as they get paid well.
  16. An almost entirely unreliable source, to be honest - very unlikely to be true, but people like a good rumour.
  17. Lawrence Shankland failed a drug test after today's game, apparently.
  18. A very fair assessment of Nicolson's. Also, I'm told them Star Hotel has been the unfortunate victim of a minor refurb. Troubled times for the pub scene when even the Star can't be relied upon to be a hovel.
  19. Another rubbish forward is exactly what's needed, I suppose.
  20. He's an absolute fuckin walloper of a boy and therefore should get it tight every time he appears at Cappielow.
  21. If you play turgid, boring football and get promoted or otherwise massively exceed expectations then great; if you play turgid, boring football and rarely trouble the top half of the table, you're just wasting everybody's time, all the whilst asking for £20 a go/£300 up front and an extra £120 a year to sign more shite players. Given that there's little evidence of us doing hhe former anytime soon, it's not really unreasonable to expect some form of entertainment in its place now and then.
  22. I wish they'd learn to use apostrophes.
  23. Always a bit depressing seeing people splitting hairs over varying forms of arseholery, tbh.
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