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  1. I like Wilson as a player and thought he did well with us after a slow start. Being able to play in a few different positions is a real positive and I couldn't believe it when I read he was only 24. Need to hope he can stay fit as I do think he'd be an asset to the team. Power and him in the midfield could be a right bastard to play against.
  2. I'd heard a few weeks ago that king was due to go out on loan. Wondering if Wilson comes in that may happen? Could also be putting 2 and 2 together here but noticed Gillespie didnt budge off the bench on Saturday. He may be injured?
  3. Email from Ross to say the Chevrons are available for pick up. Top is a cracker.
  4. The tartan tops are in so where the fuck are the chevrons!?
  5. MacDonald looks to be a great signing. Still a very good keeper at this level and brings experience too. I thought Mullen had gotten off to a shaky start but recently he's been very good. Will be interesting to see how Dougie manages that situation. Looking at the squad at the moment we still need a right back and another central midfielder. Heard Doyle is back training with us so he could be an option. Lawson who played for Hamilton last season has been mentioned as he plays midfield and at right back and Jamie Brandon has been banded about too. If Garrity goes out on loan then it would open up a space for a winger. I'm sure Dougie has players in mind. May be a case of playing the waiting game.
  6. Partick sign Kerr McInroy. Wondered if we'd be interested in signing him.
  7. I'd take Brandon back in a heartbeat. Don't know much about Lawson
  8. Thought Grimmy and Miller up against each other was worthwhile mentioning as it was on the TV. Didn't want to leave out the others as someone would have no doubt mentioned them.
  9. Calvin Miller and Liam grimshaw come on as subs for Falkirk and Dundee United tonight. Stephen mcginn and Gary Oliver also played for Falkirk.
  10. How that guy still plays professionall football is beyond me.
  11. I found it quite difficult to see the name on the tops. Would be better with a thicker white border. On a difficult note. Has anyone else ordered the 81-84 home top from the morton retro website?
  12. Anyone that did or still does needs to have a right good look at themselves.
  13. Heard that Jack Bearne was in training today with the team at parklea.
  14. It's not just Jesus that's fucking weeping reading that.
  15. Playong devils advocate here. Did he though? One assist....
  16. I'm ok with the decision not to offer any of the trialists a deal. Deane was the only one that I think couod have added something to the squad but I'm going to trust Dougies judgement and assume he has other targets. Don't understand some of the outrage on twitter and pnb because we haven't signed Deane. Dougie has a very good record with signings.
  17. He does offer something different. Very much in the tidser mould. Perhaps Dougie wants another hardworking midfielder in rather than a ball playing midfielder although I do think Deane would have been a good alternative to Gillespie who he's very similar to but more mobile.
  18. Wondering if the 2 trialists Dougie has in this week has influenced this decision? The boy is a player but would he challenge blues, Gillespie and Crawford for a starting slot? I'm not sure.
  19. Can't say I remember much about him. A forward who can play across the front line and played 40 games last season. Sounds promising.
  20. Can get why Dougie would say that as I couldn't believe how fucking small he was when I saw him on Saturday. However he's definitely got ability. Will be interesting to see how he does against St.mirren if he plays
  21. I'm hoping we have a few signings in before the skunks game.
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