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  1. Agreed. It would almost be like we were just getting another body in for the sake of it. In an ideal world we need someone who is going to get us 10-15 goals in a season but almost every club in Scotland could say the same.
  2. I'm not sure he's what we need. We have quitongo as a physical presence and Muirhead to an extent as well. We need someone with a better goalscoring record than the big man.
  3. I saw someone getting searched before I went into the shed yesterday and thought it was totally bizarre. Never seen it done before at Cappielow. Also had a discussion with a steward inside the ground. My boy and his pals wanted to sit in tje seats at the shed and were told not without an adult. Went and asked the guy what the issue was and he began to talk about pitch invasions, health and safety etc. I told him that the boys would be sitting there and I'd be literally 10m away and assured him that there would be no hassle. He then told me that it was my responsibility if I chose to let them sit there. They were my responsibility anyway! Total gestapo behaviour and I'd love to hear who is actually making these decisions and filtering them down to the stewards.
  4. Good to see that wee cunt McGowan having a stinker yesterday and wtf is his hair all about?
  5. There's a player in Kabia and we see in flashes what he can do. I do agree that his body language could be better at times and he goes down a lot. Perhaps a luxury we can't afford this season but i trust Dougies judgement. It is concerning that he is being targeted by some as well as Blues. Every season we have a player or 2 who gets unreserved criticism on a regular basis.
  6. Really enjoyed that game today. Not a bad performance in the team. I thought King was absolutely brilliant as were O'connor and baird. Gillespie just oozes class and calmness. Crawford looks like he'll be a good player for us. Jai tremendous again just lacks composure in the important situations. We absolutely need a striker in that going to take some of these chances.
  7. That's a fucking good signing for them.
  8. Scott Allan worth a trial?
  9. Best of luck to him. I thought he was a decent player for us and a bit of a cult hero for some.
  10. Not fussed about the programmes going. What I was surprised about was the capri sun's going up to £1.50 a carton and the kids tickets increasing from £1 to £3.
  11. Great translation and some high end assumptions too. Fanny.
  12. Wouldn't mind seeing Griffiths offered a short term deal but would need to be right for the club. There's obviously a player there.
  13. Checked the lolkirk squad and ugwu isn't there so assume hasn't signed for them? Also Iain Wilson and gavin Riley not in the Queens squad either.
  14. Could argue that point for any one of our central midfielders.
  15. Can't agree with that at all. Look at Arbroath last season. Raith I'm sure also had a good run recently when they were part time.
  16. Schwake will be fine. There's no way he was coming here to sit on the bench.
  17. I said this today. Imrie pulled a couple of rabbits out of the hat when he brought in Brandon and Wilson. He also got reilly playing which helped. Today was chronic. Thought schwake and O'connor looked fine. Gillespie could be ok with better players around him. We can't continue to rely on in our fullbacks for width. They aren't good enough going forward.
  18. Am I making shit up or was Adam Strachan linked or on trial with is at some point? Heard today that he'd passed away at just 35.
  19. Could argue that Muirhead, lithgow, baird, O'connor, Gillespie, jacobs would all have started.
  20. We haven't had an update about the supposed investment in the club for a while have we?
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