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  1. What makes you say that money had been found because strapp is away? It could be the dalrada money or the club are planning to use the money fron the celtic game.
  2. Delighted with those announcements. Hopefully more to come. I'd love us to sign schwake permanently and extend the contracts of Baird, O'connor, Muirhead, jai and McGrattan. Keeps that solid spine to the team
  3. Another cracking piece of business by the club. I was sceptical when Grant signed going by the fans of other teams views but he's been fantastic.
  4. If Buckley is away then I'm ok with that. Competitive is good.
  5. Wouldn't be against that. Thought he done a great job for us although always thought it strange that he started at right back and ended games in midfield.
  6. Didn't realise their first was an og. Second was poor positioning by Efe and Baird just couldn't empty the ball. We should have really put the game to bed in the second half and then schwake made a tremendous save at the end. Would have taken a point away from home before the game but that's a few draws we've had recently where we could have taken all 3 points. Says a lot that our expectations are that much higher. I'd love to see us bring in a couple of attacking options in January. Another winger and a striker at the very least to help mcgrattan, jai and Muirhead. Don't like slating our own players but it just has to worked out for kabia. May be time to cut that one and send him back to Livi.
  7. We missed a sitter in the first 20 seconds think it was blues. From there we seemed in control until raith had a goal disallowed and then scored soon after. Their second was piss poor defending but a good finish. Bairds goal came from a second ball from a corner. A decent game with a bit of needle. Raith fans fucking hate Jai
  8. That video is absolutely fucking brilliant. Full credit to the commercial department for pulling this together. I'd love to see a 'behind the scenes' documentary like arsenal and City did. Probably other priorities at the moment. Love the team, love Dougie and fucking love Greenock Morton.
  9. Was talking about this today. Being totally realistic I can't see us winning promotion. Short term I'd be content with us staying an established championship team who challenge for the playoffs each year and have a good cup run. Anything else would be a bonus imo.
  10. It did look like he was waving directly to someone but I could be wrong. Also been wondering if we'll hear anything about Nicky Low signing a PCA with us in January. Wouldn't be against that.
  11. That's a horrendous decision. Stonewall pen and a red card. Club should take that all the way.
  12. Dougie not happy about that at all in his post match interview. It'll be interesting to see that and Crawfords disallowed goal.
  13. Would have taken a point before the game however like others a little disappointed as we went ahead and then conceded so quickly after half time. Says a lot about how far we have come that we are disappointed at a point away from home. Win our home games and continue to pick up points on the road and we'll be fine.
  14. Came off to receive treatment early. I'm assuming for a cut. Had to change his Jersey. The camera is right above Dougie and picking up allsorts. So far I've heard 'No good enough... fucking pish' 'Don't fucking shake yer heed either' Love that.
  15. Arbroath pitch looks like it's a nick. Ball bobbling a lot.
  16. All 5 league games on iptv and ours is the worst quality by a country mile.
  17. Really sad news. I didn't know Bryan personally but spoke to him a few times through the forum. Clearly loved our club and team. Thoughts and prayers to his family.
  18. Nothing to lose. Let's get stuck into these rotten cunts.
  19. Highlights up. We could have scored a few more with the chances we had. I was really impressed with big schwake's handling yesterday in difficulty conditions. The big man deserves real credit for his performance and was unlucky with the goal following the initial save. I'd love to see Robbies freekick from where I was in the shed again (directly behind it) and to see big Kingy waltz past 6 players and roll the ball into the bottom corner was tremendous. If Messi did that it would be all over the media.
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