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Yesterday, 05:22 PM

The club is on autopilot. Same as it ever was. I don't blame the guy, I blame the club for outsourcing this vital piece of club strategy and then ignoring it.


It's worse than autopilot, it's active neglect. Look at what other clubs have been doing during the lockdown on social media - Hearts, Raith, Falkirk and a few other clubs have launched next season's home kit through their social media feeds. Hibs and Partick (IIRC) have been rerunning old matches and asking supporters to pay for tickets for these matches. Stenhousemuir have used their social media to promote and advertise all the excellent voluntary work their Community branch have been doing. Even the likes of Berwick Rangers have been promoting their (excellent) sponsorship and social media packages. They offer sponsorship of their YouTube output for £500 a season, which makes you wonder how much a club of our size could make from a similar enterprise. 


What have we done in this period to generate income during this period? MacKinnon came on board and was given a simple mantra - breaking even. We should be attempting to maximise revenue, and more importantly cash flow, during this period. Our failure to do so is completely unacceptable. 


Our social media presence and output has regressed, potentially fucking over a club employee along the way. What have we gained from the new arrangement? I've yet to see a tangible benefit for the club. It's been a mixture of incompetence, poor decision making and neglect from the people tasked with ensuring the club survive the pandemic. 

In Topic: The Morton weekly podcast

28 May 2020 - 01:42 PM



Can someone explain why our official club videos have this image as their background? Is 'CFB' now sponsoring the club's YouTube output, or are we simply allowing himself to put himself front and centre again? 

In Topic: The Morton weekly podcast

21 May 2020 - 11:14 PM

We can't expect every single player who plays for the club to support Morton, but as mentioned at least McAlister doesn't bullshit about it for his own personal gain. 

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19 May 2020 - 04:58 PM

I know it’s contentious on this forum to suggest full backs could be used as wide mids/wingers, but... Iredale and Strapp as a pairing on the left?

Even in a fucking lockdown we're still getting this shite. I give up.

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10 May 2020 - 09:30 PM

Things the club account haven't felt the need to tweet this week; 


- Updates on the club's position on league reconstruction and the decision to end the league season

- The anniversary of the Dumbarton game in 1995 

- The anniversary of the Peterhead game in 2003 


Things the club account has felt it necessary to tweet this week; 




It is also worth noting that the club Twitter launched a POTY and YPOTY vote the day after MCT announced theirs, and had theirs close the day before MCT's vote closed. I can't remember the club ever running a POTY vote before, let alone solely through Twitter.