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  1. It does mean that we're now having to completely rebuild the defensive and attacking units, in a season where we don't have as much time to bind a squad together. That's a concern.
  2. As shite as it is, at least we've not lost him to a direct rival. Good luck to him.
  3. I think it's highlighted a few internal issues the club have - the lack of coordination between commercial/marketing and media being the key one. I think the best way forward would have been to keep the commercial staff running full time, and give them some social media training to pick up the slack there. Regular social media output during lockdown is/was a luxury, but commercial activity should have been viewed as essential. It's concerning that the current regime, who made their break-even mantra clear from day one, aren't looking to maximise every possible source of income.
  4. Absolutely, and good on fans who have donated cash to Morton/MCT during the pandemic, but that doesn't give the club an out for doing nothing. The club should have been pulling out all the stops to maximise revenue during this period, in the knowledge that other clubs in our division were doing exactly that.
  5. Hold on, so clubs are actually allowed to generate revenue during this period!?
  6. I know our budget is going to be very tight again this season, but I can't see Dundee (basket-case potential aside) or Dunfermline handing out much bigger contracts than us this season. Hopefully with MCT funding we can tie Cadden/Nisbett up for next season at least.
  7. There is definitely something to be said for continuity this season, however players like Muirhead, McLean and Millar will definitely need to move on. It's a shame that Millar's second spell will end this way, but that's football. We definitely need a first choice goalkeeper, and take the risk of the U20s goalkeeper being second choice. Depending on McGinty's wages, I'd be fine keeping him as a third choice centre back, but hopefully we have Gunning and another one coming in as first choice. I'm more than happy with Strapp and Tumilty being first choice full-backs, but again we will require cover. We have good covering options in midfield, and the 27 game season may even mean we can still slot McAlister in as first choice, but it's going to be a defining season for guys like Blues and McGuffie. Assuming Cadden and Nisbett both stay on, we're still going to need to look for a goalscorer. Orsi came on leaps and bounds, but I'd want someone better leading the line.
  8. Aye, I remember his spell here. I've looked at that photo numerous times but I'd never recognised him until now.
  9. @dunning1874 shared these beauties in our group chat the other day. That day was the 4-2 win at home on BBC Alba wasn't it?
  10. Craig Gordon would be an excellent signing for most Premiership sides, never mind the second tier.
  11. How was Dundee? Did you remember your shoes this time?
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