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  1. As much as I think the core principle here is a good one, it should never have got near a launch before the kind of questions and concerns being raised were answered.
  2. What value exactly does Allan McGraw add?
  3. The Darroch posts live Facebook videos of the "atmosphere" (that's plenty, Arthur), which is about the measure of it.
  4. It'll actually just be a Cafe regular with his mother's cataract glasses on.
  5. I'm expecting Dylan Dykes to come back for a final season after a trophy-laden career that's amassed multiple Champion League titles and a World Cup winner's medal, to be honest. In all seriousness, we shouldn't really overlook the fact that we had a guy of Chalmers calibre playing for us. Players who score European winners are few and far between and they pretty much never end up at clubs like Morton. Say what we will about Celtic, but losing McNeill and Chalmers so close is a loss for all of Scottish football. Winning a European Cup in the circumstances they did was a phenomenal achievement.
  6. Not meaning this to have any kind of dig at Billy McNeil, but this must be the best few days of a lot of Celtic supporters' lives.
  7. That and Erasure passing for a pre-match build-up. DJ Otzi was better. They've got some sort of sponsorship deal with Ineos as well. The sooner their bus stop melts in a chemical spillage the better.
  8. Not as if they looked after their youths particularly well.
  9. Former Morton player had a shocker as his new club sank to a 2-0 pumping that almost seals their relegation. What a shame.
  10. Hahahaha, that's a belter. Man Utd deserve all the pumping they get for that patter. I cannae go these shitebags wee phrases teams have, unsurprisingly Celtic are the worst for it with their "hail hail" shite.
  11. Was in Nicolsons for the first time last week. It's the worst kind of pub.
  12. London's a s***ehole. I'm indifferent to Man City, to be honest. You hear a lot of sanctimonious drivel about the money and all that, but a big whack of their fans were supporting them before the money came along and a decent number will have seen them relegated, all in the shadow of a much bigger, richer club. It's hard to take a lot of the whinging seriously from people who have latched on to other big clubs from the off - you can't really be sitting in London with a Man Utd badge as your Twitter profile picture and piss and moan about glory-hunters. Every big team has became a big team because they've had more money than most others.
  13. Was in last weekend though, mobbed full of middle-ages rugby cunts which was a nightmare. Kind of cunts that refuse to move to let you past and/or just walk right in to you. No sign of former players held hostage but you never know.
  14. Can I just shock you? I like the Cafe. Like is a bit strong but if it's not busy and you get a table up the back it's alright. Bit wanky but at least it's not a toilet.
  15. Aye, I go in expecting people to be freely pishing against the bar.
  16. The worst thing about them is that they're rubbish pubs filled with cunts who think they're in the fuckin Ritz. It's hard to take pretensions seriously in pubs that still have pish troughs round the bar. Aye, the actual town itself is actually quite decent and puts Greenock to shame. It's pubs are shite though.
  17. All of the pubs in Gourock are a bit shite. Was in Monty's on Saturday and their "entertainment" was some old guy blasting Jamiroquai songs and shouting random words in between. No TVs now either.
  18. Not strictly football related, but all-round arsehole Steven Gerrard is gurning about how people who break into footballers' houses should face tougher punishments and that the law is too leniant. No mention of footballers who assualt DJs or who batter their girlfriend on the streets of Liverpool*, funnily enough. Liverpool and Rangers. What a vile mix. *Jon Flanagan, if anybody isn't aware of it.
  19. Probably about exactly how it is now, to be honest.
  20. PSG are average at best, and bottle merchants in to the bargain. Good effort from Man United but nobody's going to be disappointed about getting them in the draw.
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