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  1. I see the Darroch's closing down after being hit with a £10,000 fine for showing football on a dodgy box. Seems showing a game of football and not paying a multi-billion dollar company is amongst the most serious crimes you can commit in the area. Shite pub anyway, no doubt there'll be another 6 month tenancy taking over soon enough.
  2. I had started writing a much bigger post about it, but that's basically it in a nutshell. Like I said, it's just a matter of picking which way you think he looks bad. There's not really any great defence for him, and he shouldn't really be getting a free pass for the mismanagement over the years either - regardless of how much of a control freak Dougie was, Crawford was still a board member, and a prominent one at that. He wasn't an innocent bystander.
  3. Leaving MCT aside, this is my main issue. As far a I can see, Crawford Rae told people there was a three year plan, which turned out to be (if you believe it was a serious plan to start with) predicated on a guy who was the best part of 90 and in clearly failing health staying alive - there's not really any way it can be spun that makes him look good out of it, it's just a matter of which way you think he looks bad. I'm not convinced that we should be merrily chucking money in and just accepting that Rae knows what he's doing or can be fully trusted, whether it's via MCT or something else.
  4. Who's up for a street party on Sinclair Street if/when they die?
  5. I don't think it's a joke at all. It is, however, ill-defined and poorly communicated, two things which it should not still be at this stage.
  6. Given that the pledges are ultimately worthless, if Falkirk were doing this I'd be pledging daft amounts to nobble the whole thing.
  7. Watched the first 5 minutes or so and there's really not much of use, apart from yet again going on about bringing players through and selling them on for a profit. When are we going to accept that that simply isn't going to happen? On the website, it really shouldn't be taking this long to produce one. Anybody with any knowledge of how to use a computer can knock up a passable one up on the likes of Wix or Wordpress in no time at all, even if it's just a blog. Even that old tit Ernie can run a blog.
  8. Alternatively, I could not bother and they could put all the info on their website so that it can be read at any time like any credible organisation would.
  9. It seems that the onus is always being put on the punter to go try to obtain scraps of info. "Come and talk to me at games", "here's a Q&A but actually, I'll direct you to Twitter and not actually have any answers anyway", "come to the Wanderers on a Saturday morning", "watch me talking for a while". If there was a clear, coherent proposal and structure there for people to go and read and mull over, all of those things would be fine as follow up events but there isn't. There's a website full of mumbo-jumbo, and hee-haw else besides.
  10. I'll be honest, I have little intentions of watching a 15 minute monologue from Graham McLennan or from anyone else. It's not remotely unreasonable to expect there to be a credible website at this stage of the game, we shouldn't need to be watching videos to find out basic details about a £400k scheme.
  11. Where, exactly? There's no immediate mention on their Twitter page, nor on their (imagine that) current site. Those are the only two outlets people should need to look at, and if it isn't stated there then it doesn't really matter many times it has been said elsewhere.
  12. I see the website was last updated on 27th April.
  13. At least he's not claiming to be be somebody else any more.
  14. For his failings, Hawke never struck me as being a dishonest type. Incompetent maybe, amongst other things, but a liar to the extent that McKinnon, of all people, could find it intolerable? Probably not. It's irrelevant to McKinnon's behaviour anyway. Hawke could have been sneaking into his house at night and switching the labels on his tins and it wouldn't excuse his cunterry.
  15. Can't really stick Liverpool, but Spurs are just London cunts. Harry Kane's a wank.
  16. He isn't. If we must have guys who haven't even set foot in the country we should at least make sure they're exceptionally good. Also wouldn't be at all bothered if a lot of those players weren't seen again. The likes of Burke and McBurnie have been consistently rotten.
  17. Best of a bad bunch, relatively speaking. Liam Palmer's fuckin rubbish as well, shouldn't be near the squad after his performance in Kazhakstan.
  18. He's an absolute weapon. Also not a very good footballer either, even if he did score a few good goals.
  19. Not that Capitanus needs me to fight his battles, but I'm guessing his point about ex-players is that they're not just being wheeled out for a photo-op, they're being wheeled out in an attempt to justify the venture, like in the quoted post. It's not an unreasonable point, given how little we actually know about the workings of this.
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