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  1. I got the White Lies album the other day, pretty good but seems to drag on a bit, partly due to a lack of variety and "texture", if you will, and the fact that more than a few songs would suffer none from being a fair bit shorter. Not heard the Franz one yet, but Ulysses is a terrible song imo, and if it's in any way indicative of the album I'll not bother. A fine choice, John Entwhistle's playing is unreal, absolutely phenomenal. I wish I could have got to see him play live
  2. Bombay Bicycle Club - Cancel On Me. Have only heard a few songs, but they sound pretty good, certainly much better than most other stuff on the go. One thing annoying me about them though: the singer's voice reminds me A LOT of someone, and I can't think who, although I can't actually hear the other guy singing in my head!
  3. so for now dust down your weary sails for tomorrow is a bright new day with someone waiting in the wings to pedal with you upon the ocean waves But yeah, Lonesome Swan is such a beautiful song, please, let me know how much you love it:)
  4. Ehhh... Aye, A Storm In Heaven and A Northern Soul are their best work, although Urban Hymns does have it's merits, and at times is my favourite album. Couldn't remember what I had wrote there. It's a mark of their class that Urban Hyms can actually be called a weaker attempt from a bands back catalogue. And what I said about the Kooks...I meant Ashcroft's voice COULD make the Kooks sound good, not would. Even his lungs wouldn't justify some dick going "your so naive".
  5. The Verve - Forth. One of the truly great bands who have returned with an album that trumps Urban Hymns, maybe even A Northern Soul. A wonderful bunch of songs, but Ashcroft & McCabe will never beat their first and second albums. "Will these feet in modern times, walk on soles that are made in China through these bright prosaic malls, through these corridors that go on and on" The Ashcroft/McCabe pairing is stunning. Even Ashcroft's much decried solo work is amazing: a voice like that would make even the Kooks sound good.
  6. Your best bet for now is just to download the torrent for "Glasvegas: The Home Tapes". Admittedly it's all demos, but it's decent quality and doesn'tdetract from how good the songs are.
  7. Great song, a truly fantastic piece of music. Daddy's Gone at TITP:
  8. Anyone who says Morrissey's lyrics are "truly awful" is best ignored, frankly.
  9. Think that might actually be my fav solo song of his. Don't think it's his best, but for no good reason at all it's apersonal favourite! Listening to Muse's "Execution Commentary" (b-side to Plug In Baby), really like it musically, and I find the vocal on it really funny, found one website which has the lyrics as something like "blah blurrrrrrrrr eyeyeyahahayeyeyeyaaayyyyyyeeeee"! I dunno why, but the image of some firing squad actually listening to it while executing a load of folk just strikes me as being quite amusing, and maybe the most bizzare thing ever.
  10. I'm Not Sorry is a brilliant song, definitely one of his best solo efforts. Morrissey - Children In Pieces. Choon.
  11. Muse - Agitated. By no means their finest moment, but a bit mad anyway, and another massive bass riff. Chris Wolstenholme's bass lines are immense
  12. Glasvegas - Go Square Go here we f'ckin go
  13. The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony/Love Is Noise from Glastonbury. Outfckinstanding.
  14. Likewise, wasn't convinced at all by them at first, but heard Geraldine for the first time the other week and was instantly blown away by it, and subsequently anything else by them I've managed to acquire. As for Allan, was at his best with Queen's Park but still looked decent enoughagainst us with Dumbarton (I think it was). Was he not linked with a move to us at one point?
  15. Go Square Go by the mighty Glasvegas. Always thought James Allan was a pretty decent player against us, he's a far, far better songwriter though. Amazing.
  16. He did indeed, was announced just after he got released from the nick the other week, was a pretty good gig, despite a lot of technical problems. As for playing in Red...I'll take stories about Doherty playing in Greenock when I actually see him on stage. Seems every couple of weeks someone decides that rumour. Not having a go at you Franco, just a general observation!!!
  17. Average White Band - Person to Person. I would love to be able to write a song that mixed the funk of their tunes, the harmonies of the Beach Boys and the dance beats of the Roses, combined with the power of the Who and lyrics with the class of The Jam. If anyone knows of any tunes like that please advise!! Forza/anyone else - I haven't heard too much by the Manics apart from the Greatest Hits and the last album tbh, but love what I have heard and keep hearing about how good their early stuff was, so whats the best album to get? Also, likewise for REM, I've got quite a few of their latest offerings which I really like even though they've got a bit of a slagging, so whats the best of their early stuff? Electron Blue from Around The Sun is immense btw, gonna put that on now!
  18. Muse's HAARP album, quite simply stunnning even if it does have about 8 songs missing.
  19. Indeed, one of my favourite songs from that album. Got Darkshines by them on now, magic.
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