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  1. “Our fans think you’re an arsehole and this is gonnae cause problems if we sign you, we really need to address this otherwise this there’s going to be a bad situation that’s shite for everyone, and we can’t really justify that when we’re already gambling on you being able to run in 18 months.” This situation was always going to happen, the option to sign a big mess of a player was always optional too. Nobody forced the club to take the punt on this character, and the potential reward from his performances was nowhere near high enough to be worth the hassle.
  2. If you sign a serial sex offender who was previously booted out of the club due to the backlash from supporters and don't offer any acknowledgment of that fact at all, plus all all the shite that's followed, then it's simply not an acceptable or suitable way to handle the situation. This isn't even a question of Lithgow's conviction as such, it's a question of his previous flirtation with the club. Whilst admitting I have no legal expertise, I find it very hard to believe that a little bit of skilful writing couldn't have briefly acknowledged the situation whilst offering a defence of the player without flouting any employment laws. I also think if the player objected to that, it'd say a lot about how he really views his offences and none of it would be positive. Again, even if it was from a genuine desire to move on rather than the "and whit?" shite he spouted the only time he's publicly acknowledged it, the fact is that he's in a very fortunate job and that having to put up with a generic sentence or two along with signing announcement (and and extremely fuckin generous 2 year contract) at a club that previously chased him is just something that should have had to happen. You simply can't drive about wanking at women and children on multiple occasions then expect such a public arena to just forget about it and if he doesn't like that then tough shite. It may not be particular ideal, but it's ultimately not a huge price to pay to be able to continue such a privileged career...and is surely better than the situation that's been festering as a failure to make any acknowledgment of it.
  3. There’s a much simpler issue at the root of this, which is that Lithgow is a fat, shambling mess that isn’t even close to being worth the hassle or a two-year deal.
  4. Not the first time Lithgow has been punished for a series of inappropriate tugs, tbf.
  5. Every single thing MCT says or does is irrelevant and meaningless in the face of McPherson a) being given any kind of new deal never mind a two year one and b) still being in the job. The process behind the first part should be made clear and everyone involved should join Gus on the way out. It was a catastrophic decision at the time and nothing that’s happened since is at all surprising; if the situation is to be salvaged in both the short- and long-term, the club/MCT have to act quickly and also demonstrate that they’ve learned an extremely major lesson from all of this.
  6. Morton getting rode is par for the course these days, but signing a sex offender then having fans actively celebrating their offences is a new and troubling low, it has to be said.
  7. Nobody at all forced him to dole out new contracts to absolute shite like Muirhead, Blues and Oliver either. There’s no excuses at all for being in this position, especially when the justification for keeping Gus on was the bizarre idea that he was going to be able to build on an illustrious 9th place finish and move quickly to sign players.
  8. Right, maybe I didn't quite phrase the previous post as clearly as I may have. The Trust quite evidently became a discredited basket-case a long time ago and lost the faith of most fans many moons ago and rightly so, of that there's no doubt; at the same time though, there was also people who made a big effort to try to resurrect it thereafter and done a lot of good things that helped the club via a lot of time and effort. If people were as interested in putting themselves forward to contribute as they are to take personal pops at others who did do so, the Trust was entirely viable; indeed, MCT would arguably have been much better off taking over the Trust framework as their vehicle rather than the incoherent format it's taken so far. Some people are mouthpieces that hide behind keyboards and would never dare say what they do on here to others in person - something I'm well aware doesn't apply to yourself, and I'd more than happily have this discussion over a pint (and look forward to it too, it's always enjoyable talking all things Morton with you); others are all talk, no trousers. I also don't disagree at all that the lack of transparency from MCT is extremely poor, and frankly I have little faith in them; I'll willingly rescind what I said about them as there's a lingering suspicion that there's a huge element of self-lionising and lack of suitable skills or experience about those involved - for example, "the boy with the drum" being amongst their named group. With all due respect to him, it's not a qualification to be part of a club's ownership (for all I know he's very well suited to do so), but nonetheless I tip my hat to those who've got involved and again...although again, that doesn't at all earn a free pass. On a similar note, I'll also admit that I'm simply not interested enough these days to take any kind of active role in anything and to an extent this is all maybe a bit hypocritical, but which is why I admire anybody who does get off their computers and get involved.
  9. I always find it interesting how the folk on here who are so quick to bang on about GMST have never at any stage put themselves forward to try to contribute in any meaningful way themselves, and in some cases wouldn't even look anyone in the eye if they were in their presence. I've no real interest in defending the Trust (frankly I don't really care that much about it ), but there were plenty of folk who latched on to it in its latter days who seemed to just like to be seen to be there who offered very little. Perhaps if the people who have still seem so worked up about it had put themselves forward to contribute the Trust could have fared a lot better. None of which is to say there wasn't a lot of issues with the organisation over all, but there's that and being tedious bores whinging about nothing over it. Same goes for MCT - I think there's no end of questions, some of which really shouldn't still be hanging unanswered, but at least the people involved have went out and made something happen.
  10. FWIW, I think the season ticket package is a good and appealing one in its own right, but failing to address giving a two/three year deal to an ageing nonce without explanation isn't really on.
  11. I take it the club is just going to totally ignore the fact that we've signed a sex offender who's already been chased off then?
  12. I wouldn’t have been upset if McGinn had came to us as evidently it’s going to be a novelty to have any sort of talented player but it wouldn’t have been the greatest use of what would surely be a significant wage and an almost guaranteed starting spot when we already have Jacobs. If nothing else, McPherson’s already proven he can’t be trusted to use that pairing sensible so it’s probably for the best if the option is removed.
  13. No chance. It mattered well before the Airdrie game and Muirhead was absolute nowhere to be seen, we shouldn't have been anywhere near the play-offs. He played very well in the final game and deserves credit for that, but not a single thing more than a pat on the back and it doesn't come close to making up for scoring a whopping total of 1 league goal for the club. It's not "stepping up when it matters", it's having one good game against an absolutely knackered part-time club from a lower league. It's fine for what it is, but let's not be turning it into some kind of Maradona '86 style one-man show.
  14. Right, but seriously, when did this happen, except in the last game against Airdrie?
  15. When whoever is making decisions at Cappielow asked the manager who lead us to a 9th place finish what his plans were to improve things next season, did it not trouble them when he said “well, I’m going to sign all of the same players again and do the exact same things that failed before”?
  16. This is becoming a joke. Muirhead had one good game in two years.
  17. It’s not harsh at all, he is utter shite and often barely reaches that level by dint of being completely invisible.
  18. Whatever he’s getting paid is irrelevant, he’s spent the last two seasons being utter shite and shouldn’t be rewarded with yet another contract. I made this point in relation to McPherson being kept on, but it’s worth repeating and has been true for a long time: the complete and utter lack of any kind of standards or basic expectations at Morton are as big a part of our constant failures as anything. Even the minimal demands for a Championship struggler should dictate that players like Blues get punted, if we’re ever going to achieve anything we need to have far more pride in the jersey than making excuses for allowing shite players to make an easy living from the club for three fuckin years.
  19. Says far more about them than Blues tbh. Blues is absolutely rotten. I suspect we’re going to end up with most of season’s regular 14 or so players, and the exact same outcome is likely to happen.
  20. The rebuild is certainly going well.
  21. Getting in to your car on multiple occasions and driving about hunting for a series of women and children to masturbate in front of is not “fucking up”, it’s extremely serious, deranged, deviant behaviour and it doesn’t get absolved by a cursory apology in the aftermath of escaping a jail sentence. People may be entitled to move on but a multiple sex offender should in no circumstances be allowed to do so in the privileged position of professional football. Writing off this creepy cunt’s behaviour because he might be alright at football isn’t really something to shout about tbh, and it’s certainly not something we should be “thankful” for.
  22. We keep hearing about how Oliver needs this or that or should be used this way or that way, all of which masks the fact that he's an more often than not a totally ineffective player. He's certainly got some qualities and has a nice touch etc, but ultimately he neither scores anywhere close to an acceptable number of goals nor is he massively creative. If he was brought in fresh you could say he's a decent squad player, but when he's been here long enough it's just paying a wage to somebody who hasn't earned an extension.
  23. Gary Oliver has signed a year deal. Looking forward to yet another season of not scoring any goals.
  24. That’s an absolutely deplorable analogy. Addiction and noncing are not in any way shape or form comparable.
  25. Come off it mate. The first time somebody has acknowledged multiple and serious sex offences *involving children* and they insist that “they can’t be judged” and that somehow their mental state (which frankly should be laughed out the park) is the main concern and we’re meant to believe that he’s the victim of bad reporting or just being too shy? His own words there are not those of someone who fully repents for their actions or accepts how badly wrong or damaging they were: he was given the chance to express his remorse, the absolute bare minimum a “nasty little pervert” should be doing, and instead chose to hold his own private pity party. Fuck him. He shouldn’t be anywhere near the club and MCT have some serious explaining to do over why they’re more relaxed about people who pass their days wanking in front of passing woman and children than the previous owners were.
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