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  1. Not an ex player but being from Inverclyde I never understood why we haven't tried to sign Nicky low. His career took a dip before he signed for Arbroath but I've always thought he was a good player at this level.
  2. Still looking to get 3/4 in. Finger out for fuck sake.
  3. Bullet dodged as I was genuinely worries he'd end up back here. Another player who thought he was better than us and it never worked out. Admittedly a decent player but at times his attitude was rotten.
  4. Big Lithgow was excellent yesterday. Didn't put a foot wrong.
  5. Oware leaves partick. Just watched mccall give a very in depth interview about the playing side of things at thistle. Wouldn't go amiss down here.
  6. A good post. I'm all for allowing MCT a lot of grace in this period of change but there's certain things that really need to be addressed quickly and the lines of communication are a pretty easy one imo. They have spoken about open communication and transparency and although there has been some improvement I'd say there's not been enough. It wouldn't take much to have a weekly update from MCT members and the manager/ players. Not looking for war and peace but regular updates on YouTube channel or even a blog would be a good start.
  7. Am I missing something. Was Ralston with us?
  8. I always liked Reid. Solid defender for us. If memory serves me right he was a bit of a dick though.
  9. Kiltie, McGowan and McMullan all play tonight in the premier League playoff. Currently 1-0 to Dundee.
  10. Cheers. He played for him at Raith didn't he?
  11. Forgot he existed and I can't really remember much about his time with us. Which manager brought him in?
  12. My thoughts exactly. A fucking shameless gang of robbing bastard's.
  13. Thought this was a good idea to be honest. Loads of good prizes too.
  14. According to live score Omar scores for Dumbarton assisted by..... Wait for it Sam Ramsbottom. Finished a. 1-1 draw with lolkirk
  15. I really liked Stef. Workrate was second to none and he had something about him too. Shame he was a cunt that thought he could do better.
  16. Where are they playing their home games from now on? Lesser hampden?
  17. How does that guy continue to pick up trials for professional teams
  18. One of my favourite players when I was younger and one of the best fullbacks in my near 40 years supporting morton. Can't argue with that though. He's a prick of a man.
  19. I liked mullan when he was here. Plenty of effort and the odd flash of skill but I am continuously surprised that he keeps getting decent moves.
  20. Clear that Hopkin never really rated tumilty in the first place. I'd say our lack of any decent options mad ehim look better than he actually was.
  21. Anyone know what's happening with wee Fred? Don't think I've seen him in any match day squads for Forest.
  22. I thought he was decent for us. If memory serves me right he wasn't with us for very long though?
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