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  1. In contrast making the odd mistake now and again doesn’t in itself make you a bad goalkeeper which over the whole season that's what Schwake has done. The 'quality of the defence ' statement is also one that can be looked at both ways. Yes the defence has generated been great this season however some of the goals we have conceded have also been defended poorly not just by the back 4 but all over the pitch. Take the 3 goals against Ayr as an example. Each one was conceded because of a mistake made an outfield player leaving schwake with little chance with any of them. I don't remember there being an over reaction like we have seen for schwakes mistake. I've said it before and I'll say it again. The boy has made a mistake and as a keeper a mistake tends to result in a goal. Time to get over it and move on.
  2. I'm ok with Dougie calling players out. Find it refreshing and makes a difference from the likes of McPherson and Duffy defending his boys to the hilt regardless of how they've performed which we had to put up with for years.
  3. Let's be clear here. Over the piece Schwake has been good this season. He's made a few mistakes but the outcry over last night is over the top. For the clangers he's also made some fantastic saves including Raith and Ayr away. I'd be interested to look at the goals conceded and mistakes he's made and analyse the lead up to each one. I guarantee there's been opportunities further up the pitch to stop these goals - making a pass, stopping a cross etc. Being a Keeper and being the last line of defence is a tough one as anywhere else on the pitch you have someone behind you to support and obviously a keeper doesn't. I'm not arguing that the mistake last night wasn't a fucking howler and cost us 3 points however let's be realistic, remember the level we are playing at and the quality of players we have had to target in the different stages of this season which has been dependent on finances. Let's give Dougie and the boys the benefit of the whole season before we start judging them.
  4. That's a poor example. Turnbulls goal was a cracking finish tight into the corner if I remember right.
  5. Only saw parts of the game last night. Best we've played in a long time and combination of poor finishing and good goalkeeping prevents us from winning by 4/5. That said at 1-0 I was worried we were going to concede and wasn't surprised when it came. Schwake fucked it and he knew he fucked it. I don't have a problem with Imrie coming out and slating him after the game. Its that sort of management we have been screaming out for. Also folk complaining about his touchline antics, giving fans some verbals back etc is laughable. He's done and is doing a fantastic job and only when we draw away to home some are complaining? Could be a sign of how high the standards are that we've set but overall a point away from home is fine. I do agree that Dougie has made some mistakes moreso in recent games with his formation and personell but it had to be remembered that as some have said about schwake, Dougie is a young manager and is learning the game. On the game Crawford should never have hit that penalty althgrear double save from Gats. Wasn't too sure that the disallowed goal was a foul on the keeper either but they are protected so much its bound to happen. To summarise. Those moaning need to calm the fuck down. Missed opportunity last night but still plenty to play for.
  6. Good point about Cadden. There's a few players who I think have left Cappielow on decent terms, him being one of them as well as Andy Murdoch, Tidser ( I know he signed for Falkirk!). Having seen a few ex players/ managers visit Cappielow recently. Who is currently the most disliked? I'm not really fussed about McGinty to be honest and a special mention to Tiffoney for trying to be relevant yesterday. Tumilty is just a deluded arsehole. Needs to be the rat McKinnon and the absolute vile cunt that is Brian Graham for me. I know there's plenty of other options out there.
  7. Imrie was very quick to take Kabia off when he wasn't playing well. Why not do the same with Miller and Muirhead? I also don't think Miller has offered anything more than Kabia in his time here.
  8. Good news. Ambrose has been great for us but he was so poor on Tuesday night and allowed akinyemi for too much space. O'connor coming in makes sense. Shame that Jai is a few weeks away. Really miss his work rate. Not entirely sure Gillespie is fit yet so may not see him starting.
  9. Really enjoyed that. I loved Tidser when he was with us and would welcome him back with open arms ( sentimental I know). I remember speaking to him after his last game for us when the rumours were he was going to Falkirk and asked him If he was staying and he didn't commit. Was gutted at the time. Oware being honest saying he fucked it. He was well liked at the club but going to thistle and acting like a bawbag totally changed that. Nit a surprise to hear them both speak highly of Duffy as his teams always seemed to love him.
  10. We need to get back to doing what we do well. Pressing high up the pitch and being difficult to play against. For me that means playing either Oakley or Muirhead with mcgrattan and jai on the wings. Think we missed them both tonight. Robbie playing behind those 3 with blues and Gillespie sitting. Grimmy, O'connor, baird and waters at the back .I'm not convinced with waters but he's the best option at the moment.
  11. Yeah I agree. He's not perfect but I think he's saved more than he's given away this season. Personally I think he's been very good for us and part of the best defence in the league.
  12. Baller. Fair play to him. Not the greatest athlete but what a wand of a left foot.
  13. Will take that point. The lads showed great character coming from 2 down. I only saw the 2nd half but we looked a bit dodgy at the back.
  14. Dougie at the Accies v Arbroath game.
  15. Spent a lot of my younger days in and around Cappielow and have find memories of Mr.McGraw. I used to take some tinnies up to his office after every home game where he'd be sitting with the biggest smile talking about football and smoking a cigar. Heaven just gained a wonderful person and a new no.9.
  16. 2 utterly detestable clubs with a shower of horrible cunts for fans. Fuck them.
  17. Could say the same about us when he took over.
  18. Liam Fox sacked by Dundee United. Each time another Premier league job comes up I worry a little bit more than someone will come sniffing about Dougie. I know its inevitable but still...
  19. Looked like it was going to be one of those days especially when McGrattan blazed his chance over the bar. Fair play to the lads for sticking at it and Dougies changes made a massive difference. Shay logan and Naismith are total cunts
  20. Anyone from that starting 11 last week would be incredibly hard done by if they were dropped but it's a great conversation to be having.
  21. It will be interesting to see how we lone up tomorrow. Go with the same 11 that started against Dundee or do we bring in Miller, Muirhead and A. Crawford. It's great to have so many options.
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