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  1. Mullen French baird broadfoot waters Blues Gillespie Garrity Crawford Muirhead Oakley Subs - murdoch, O'connor, power, bearne, McGrattan, quitongo
  2. Player of the Year - 1st. Ryan Mullen, 2nd. George Oakley, 3rd Iain Wilson. A few contenders but Mullen has been our best player imo and most influential. Goal of the Season - Big George's winner at Tannadice. Best Signing - Wilson or Strapp. Worst Signing - Jack Harkness Most Significant Goal - Big George's goal against Motherwell. Best Game - Dundee United 2-3 Morton or 5-0 win at East end. Worst Game - 2-1 loss v Dunfermline on the Friday night. Poisonous atmosphere
  3. I think they were put up by the Cowshed boys. They have a twitter feed and have been selling merchandise for a while. They made the signs for the cup games and paint the wall at the toilet entrance too.
  4. There is though. Muirhead shot goes in at 2-0 and we go into the second half with our tails up. If jai wins a penalty then it goes to 3-1. Not disputing it would have seen us win the game however it could have finished closer.
  5. Always going to be a tough ask against the team at the top of the league but deary me we have to defend better and clear our lines. Ifs and but incoming however if Muirhead scored in the first half and we get the penalty in the second it's a different game. Small margins.
  6. I can't agree with anyone saying Muirhead and Crawford shouldn't be here next season. One is our top goalscorer while the other who hasn't been at his best this season with the ball has worked his arse off in every game he plays and has been unlucky not to chip in with a few goals. We absolutely need to upgrade some positions and improve strength in depth which is a challenge but we shouldn't be throwing the baby out with the bathwater.
  7. Got to stop that ball into the box for the goal. These cunts going on about a baird headbutt .
  8. Any particular reason mate? I think he's been a breath of fresh air and knows what direction he wants the club to go in.
  9. Swap QP for Inverness please.
  10. There's a 'god thing' around him but he's arguably the one player who get the most abuse from fans? There are other players who have been much poorer than him this season. I'm one of Robbie Crawfords biggest fans but he's had very little impact on games this season although his workrate cannot be questioned. Don't see him getting abuse every week. Perhaps Dougie plays them both as he sees a balance between the 2?
  11. Behave. Where would we be without his 16 goals this season?
  12. Muirhead has scored 16 goals this season and will have a few assists as well. He has a right to be pissed off with some of the fans given the ridiculous comments on this forum and at games. He seems to be an easy target when things aren't going well but for me he's got enough credit in the bank from this season and last. How he carries himself, his body language and running style can look very relaxed at times but let's not forget the games he's worked his arse off as well. No player can do that for 90 minutes.
  13. Did you see him today? Albeit a short time on the pitch but he looked quick and strong
  14. Job done. First goal crucial and glad we got it. Thought wee Bearne was superb today just for his attitude and effort alone. Delighted for big Robbie given his recent performances and he shut a few arseholes in the shed up as well. Thought Jai looked strong and quick when he came on. Queens Park moved the ball about well but offered nothing up front.
  15. I was entering the cowshed through the gate on Sat and a steward stopped and searched me. I jokingly asked what he was looking for and he replied that he was checking for pyro! A guy in his early 40s walking into the ground with his son. Must have a suspicious look about us
  16. It really wasn't. Regardless of what posts you quote that wasn't the reasoning behind my point.
  17. I didn't say anything about players not doing their bit? I do think with the 500 odd kids involved with MitC through football the club could be more proactive with that partnership. If the kids sign up for a team or a community session then could we have them as part of a 'Young Ton' group or something similar where they get a newsletter, tickets to games, vouchers for merch on their birthdays etc. Just a suggestion.
  18. MITC engage with over 500 kids through their football teams, community sessions and holiday camps. Seems like the club and the community could be missing a trick there.
  19. Any suggestions? I've said in the past that we could offer say 10 adult and 10 child tickets to every primary school in Inverclyde. Say there's approx 15 primary schools in the area that's 300 tickets that we could be making money from in merchandise, programmes, 50/50s and food. If the kids enjoy it they come back the next week and perhaps regular visitors.
  20. Totally agree. Really refreshing to have an update of that depth. I do wonder what the future holds for the ground. I know it's a struggle to get the safety certificate every year. Something will eventually have to give. Great to hear we have support from local business people such as dalrada, hungry squirrel and fanbase who have an interest in the club and the community. In a really tough financial climate that has to be appreciated.
  21. Wasnt sure whether to outbtis in the MCT thread or here. Positives that we made a profit last season and look to be doing so again this season. Budgeting for an 8th placed finish will obviously have an impact on the figures given where we finished last season and hopefully this season! I'd love to see the budgets for each team in our league. Michael says that we're punching above our weight which I don't dispute but the numbers would give us context. He's also been quite honest in that the fanzone hasn't moves on as quickly as the club had planned - hopefully see progress with staff coming into the club. What he said about attendances is disappointing. Would love a magic wand to keep even 10% of that home crowd from the cup games.
  22. He's an attention seeking fanny.
  23. Tam Cowan asked for any questions last week even though loads had been emailed in.
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