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  1. Sign Akinyemi instead, watch the Little People crumble.
  2. Slim chance of an upset but a chance nonetheless. Pay day it is. Could see us keep Grimshaw and add one or two bodies in January. End of the day, this is the best league campaign we've seen in my lifetime (even better than when Thistle pipped us). I'd rather we pushed the boat out and gave ourselves a right good chance of doing something whether it's winning this fucker or being in the play offs. I'm sure Dougie will also be relishing this tie, it's a chance to prove himself against the best team in the country. We have nothing to lose.
  3. On that note, I fucking love how much our team milk celebrations now. Absolute GIRUY moments. That's a sign of real togetherness. A team of right bastards and I'm loving every moment of it right now.
  4. Me and a few mates have said for a while that taking over the Norseman as part of an asset for the club would be a massive step. I'd be there at 1pm before a match if it was actually any good and in the same turn it would be making us money. Positive steps and very pleased to see the progress on and off the pitch, let's hope the momentum continues. Brighter times ahead that's for sure.
  5. It's instilled in you to fear the worst as a Morton fan. Dougie Imrie and this side are single handedly making me relish Saturdays. Muirhead and Blues, what a transformation. Robbie looks twice the player and his attitude rubs off on the support. Looking more and more like a leader every week. Ambrose could be signing of the season. What a piece of business. He just strolls through games, hardly breaks a sweat. You could see the fear in the opposition strikers today when he pressed them. MON THE FUCKIN TON!
  6. Apparently Smith's had their allocations sold out yesterday afternoon. Convinced a few of the boys to go today, that's 4 that don't usually bother. 2500 plus today would be a good sign.
  7. Don't think Dougie has to say much to the boys here. Let's rattle these bastards.
  8. Agree with this. Grimshaw has never wildly impressed me but it's obvious he's one of the first names on the team sheet and does his job well. I think him being a "quiet" influence on the team also benefits us in terms of keeping him beyond January. A good cup run/tie would maybe see us bringing in another body or two, which with Imrie's track record can only be a positive sign. I don't see Garrity or Lyon in contention for this current Morton side. Neither are game changers and if anything would be filling our bench. However, as we keep repeating, one major injury to a Muirhead, Gillespie or in goal and we'd be struggling very quickly.
  9. Said all week I'd take a draw. Time to run rings around the bottle merchants from Maryhill next week. Let's give those bastards a right doing.
  10. Anyone able to provide an update on how we are playing?
  11. Was worried that we could've went 2 down. Go on Jai lad!!
  12. Too late for people scheduled to be working to do their job..
  13. Not Scotrail services really making this a hassle to get to. I could always get a bus to Ayr from Glasgow but the freedom of a train is always a plus on away days.
  14. Reece Lyon picked up another booking as Annan are defeated. Bottom of the league. I somehow think his Morton career is over.
  15. Think this also goes to show that we aren't completely skint either. Think his vast experience shows there's something to prove and hopefully can be beneficial to the backline and our fairly young players.
  16. My "inside source" told me this last week that he was around the club and I laughed him off. Giving it big licks now.
  17. Would've taken a point before the game, another clean sheet too! We are starting to get in amongst it at the top, ICT, Aye and Partick up next. Who knows, we could be top of the pile after those three. Mon the Ton!
  18. That challenge from McGrattan and then picking out Crawford with a great pass was fantastic to watch. You wouldn't get that from Reece Lyon. I love them winding up the away fans. About time we had a team full of bastards.
  19. What a start! Baird having 3 on target within 10 minutes is wild! Haaland to have 5 on target today was even money, wonder what odds you'd of got on big Jack for 3
  20. Would be a massive 3 points tomorrow in building a bit of a gap between us and the bottom set of sides whilst keeping the play offs withing a good grasp.
  21. Not sure why we didn't operate with the 4-2-3-1 that we seemed to have used against Ayr. Muirhead ain't great but he could at least hold the ball up now and then on his own. A lot more balanced too. If we could afford to lose a player I'd be sending Kabia back immediately. From day one I thought he was poor and I'm glad everyone is starting to see it. I don't think he's not went down injured in the first half of any game he has started in? Not the hard working type you would expect Imrie to bring in.
  22. How bad are these available strikers that Dougie goes on about? I would say that we actually have zero strikers in the squad. We have wide forwards playing through the middle. Just the idea that we have a striker and one that can get shots on target would be enough to make me feel a little bit more optimistic. Easiest game for me to get to this season and with no Baird/Lithgow/Quitongo I decided against it. Looks like a good choice.
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