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  1. I'd much rather have Reilly than Oliver and/or Muirhead. Shame that.
  2. I could see us going after most of them, maybe apart from Maley and Jacobs (ones enough right?). Poplatnik had an okay finish to his time at Raith didn't he?
  3. Not quite Reilly or Hamilton. Right sided player I believe? https://twitter.com/Morton_FC/status/1528702346691284994?t=KFdEkZmYA9vy3cGn34xcOQ&s=19
  4. Sibbald would be perfect I think. Few injury problems I believe though? Dougie obviously has some links with Livi and the boys there I'll be shocked to not see that being exploited. Give us Reilly and Hamilton lads.
  5. I think the standard of player we are able to attract is superior to say the early 2010s. May have some fond memories of select players. Tidser, Bachirou, Hardie, Peaso etc but a lot of them were also rather guff. Again you could say that about every squad we've built in the last 20 years. I think we were one cultured midfielders such as a Michael Tidser off a play off spot this season (under Imrie). It was absolutely within grasp.
  6. I actually thought Peciar was a solid centre half. However, I often think about how the standard in these divisions have improved drastically in recent years. We are also massively missing out that our current gaffer had the whole of Paisley on strings in the famous 4-2 result. Dougie was disgustingly good that day.
  7. I understood the reasons why they didn't bother when we were in the same league but it would be a good chance for some of the younger lads to show what they've got in front of a bigger than normal crowd. Even if it's a "glorified friendly".
  8. Always thought Baird was unreliable from a discipline perspective. He does seem like a 'Dougie' player though.
  9. I think people also forget that the "Morton fan page" on twitter is ran by a wee boy who also celebrates anything Celtic or Rangers. He may be a wee guy but he can get to fuck.
  10. The "David Vize" page on Twitter, clearly ran by a wee boy is suggesting Reilly is off to League One - probably with Queens. Taking it with a pinch of salt of course but I'd be shocked if we haven't offered Reilly a deal. Imrie got the best out of him and he's probably our best chance of a 20 goal striker in our current position unless we unearth a gem. Oliver, Ugwu and Muirhead would maybe contribute maybe 15 goals between them over the course? I'm not even considering 'Zander' in that discussion.
  11. Jamie Brandon signs for Livi. Thought he was an upgrade at RB for us but not the complete player, inconsistent defending and concentration at times. Hope it goes well for him though.
  12. Am I looking into Chris Ross' update a bit too finely? "As we head into next season the football club has to face the challenges of rising costs across most areas of our operations and it will be up to myself & the commercial department to do that as best we can by working hard to provide the 1st Team Manager with the best resources we possibly can." '1st Team Manager' sounds awful vague.
  13. If the earlier fall out with the board was true, which I highly doubt now, I would not be surprised if it has something to do with the involvement of Easdale.
  14. Was King not one of the players mentioned by MCT previously about attracting EPL interest? Stuck a fiver on him anytime at 10/1 before kick off so good time to get a goal lad.
  15. I see Josh McPake is to be moved on again. I thought he had potential but slightly raw when with us. I reckon he would be a good addition to the front 3 out wide.
  16. That was fucking awful. Thankfully, we don't need to worry about the game next week.
  17. The idiots highlighting it on social media are just making a mountain out of a molehill, all for a few likes and a boost of serotonin in their sad lives. The same folk saying they'll cancel their memberships yesterday over Salmond's 'alleged' behaviour (he's a sleazy prick) but are willing to go support the team with Alan Lithgow as captain. I've defended the club and Alan quite a bit over that decision. However, you can't just have one and not the other just because you don't agree politically. This was always going to fracture (fragile) folk in the fan base. We should not be deteriorating a fading fan base with politics.
  18. I don't mind renting out some tables and chairs trying to gain some extra income as long as it isn't for the KKK or similar. I believe we still have SNP ad boards around the pitch, these should be binned immediately. We should not be promoting political parties of any form.
  19. That would be a sensational end to the season. Would also be great for us incase we manage to fuck things up.
  20. His son has been working for the club in an assistant capacity, wonder if he will be lined up as a cheaper alternative.
  21. Albeit Raith's tactics didn't work I would've liked to have seen a slightly reduced admission, £10 for all of something, but I get the reason why they wouldn't. Overall an exciting week, think I'll get the top finally too. Let's roar our lads onto safety on Saturday, they fucking deserve it.
  22. For his first game back in a while I thought McLean was excellent. He definitely adds some much needed experience at the back. He's got the passion for it too. Unfortunately when up against a more mobile front line I would be having Ledger in.
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