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  1. Ref might cost us this game. No idea how he hasn't given the one on Crawford.
  2. See Arbroath have released a few a players from their contracts this morning. Kick in the teeth for low.
  3. Heading to Arbroath it seems. Really worried with the lack of any sort of news now, seems that every few days someone else in the league has signed/loaned a player.
  4. I cant believe that Ross Forbes is only 31 today.
  5. Adam Livingstone signs on Loan at Clyde. I may be completely missing something but i thought you couldn't make loan signings outwith the transfer window? Does that mean we can still make 2?
  6. Hopkin says gunning was desperate to come back. Hopefully means he might be here next season, if we stay in the league.
  7. Has this been confirmed anywhere yet? I really hope this is not the case as he has already proven to be out of his depth in the Championship. Hardly surprising given his stellar showing in League 2.
  8. yeah i would rather we acted in this window too, i probably didnt explain myself clearly. Its just i feel as though people are already questioning the agreement and expecting it to fail before the club have really had a chance to explore its options on what players are available, i hope we do out due diligence on the next player(s) we sign so that we have not ended up wasting the extra money.
  9. The first payment was only made late last week, lets just see what happens for the remainder of this transfer window and perhaps more importantly the January transfer window (Once pledges have been continually made) before talk of wheels falling off or people cancelling direct debits. I think the support will need to exercise a little of bit of patience which admittedly is already running thin after Saturday,
  10. With a "decent" goalkeeper we would still have lost 3 probably all 4 goals on Saturday. An Injury free CB (Sorry Peter Grant) a LB and a first choice RB is higher up the priority list in my opinion.
  11. The first payment came out for me last night
  12. Right now nobody wants to buy us. I'm behind the idea and if every penny goes towards the playing squad then I would rather see more quality on the park and increase our chances of a better placed finish. Especially If the current chairman isn't willing to put in anymore money.
  13. I will also be conforming my pledge based on those terms.
  14. Finally wins promotion to the Premiership, signs a new one year deal, instantly shipped out to a league 1 side. Absolutely Delicious....or should that be Dece?
  15. Quitongo saying he will be back on Twitter while tagging the Morton account.... Not sure if reading to much into it or what.
  16. McCluskey available for transfer with immediate effect from Polock. By the way his brothers behaving on twitter there seems to be more to it than just not being good enough.
  17. Think he will have a stormer on Saturday?
  18. Connor McManus signs for east fife. Still don't understand letting him go i get that he was Injured but he was our only other player that had an engine in the middle of the park. I rue the day Murdoch gets an Injury.
  19. Just got a text aff my other half that Barry McKay was in her Coffee shop in the port today. Hope he's not coming back here now he's been given the boot at rangers.
  20. Caldwell puts Brechin 1 up agaisnt Raith. Oh Please, let them go down.
  21. Stef made his bed when he rejected a contract offer for something better....such as peterhead. We are better now without him.
  22. To be fair he was played out of position behind denny In the more high profile games. I think he has plenty more to offer at this level if we use him like we did in league 1.
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