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  1. Is the badge all one colour? Looks like it in the photos. Decent.
  2. Pretty sure cardboard mutants don't impinge on the intellectual property of a fucking cheese.
  3. Just piss where you stand. That seemed to be how theyve always done it at central Park!
  4. That pitch was under about 20 feet of water!! (Maybe an exaggeration).
  5. Are MCT involved in the club merchandise side of things? Do profits from shirt sales etc go the MCT?
  6. No "millions" on the shirts then from next summer? That's a win isn't it?
  7. How come NHS Scotland appear to be launching it? (I know, I know). is it not about time he put the actual Morton crest on the page?
  8. Can someone summarise wtf happened on Twitter?
  9. Yup. 16 teams, play each twice and nane of this split bullcrap. FWIW I'd have 2 auto promotion spots and another though playoffs in all leagues. Wouldn't go done well if voted on, coz the teams don't care for the league structure just the cut from TV and bums on seats.
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