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In Topic: Falkirk v Morton 20/04/19

Yesterday, 11:36 PM

Xavi would’ve walked into any team in the world, no matter their playing style.

Is Reece Lyon a hybrid of Xavi & Iniesta and better than both? Not for me to say, but yes.

Xavi would've at his peak. No doubt. It worked most effectively with Busquets and Iniesta and Messi around him though.

Now if he had Tidser and Reece Lyon around him, who is to say the heights he may have reached?

In Topic: Falkirk v Morton 20/04/19

Yesterday, 11:32 PM

Millar is at least a top half championship team player. If the manager doesn't know how to use him thats the managers problem.

I think we've also seen Oliver is one of the best players we have.

Aye and he got injured on Saturday hence why I didn't mention him for next Saturday.
Are you saying that it's the manager's problem that he has found a successful formula that doesn't include Chris Millar?
Who would you drop? What formation should we play to include him with the current squad?

In Topic: Falkirk v Morton 20/04/19

Yesterday, 11:30 PM

Also Xavi is seen as one of the world's greatest ever midfielders.
The guts of his career at Barca. Would he have been as effective elsewhere in a team playing a different system? Mibby aye. Mibby nae.
As was mentioned earlier Millar was very effective for years in a reasonably successful St Johnstone side who played a particular way.
Maybe we aren't playing that way just now.
Might be that next season as he approaches 36 that we build a team around him and Jim Mcallister.

In Topic: Falkirk v Morton 20/04/19

Yesterday, 11:25 PM

What can't be argued is that two of our best performances this season have come in the last two games and I don't think anyone would be looking for the midfield to change on Saturday.
Last two games have also been two of Telfer best games.

Unless Reece Lyon is getting dropped then Millar continues on the bench.
That Millar has been one of our best players this season is a valid point. At this moment though, he isn't part of our strongest 11.

In Topic: Falkirk v Morton 20/04/19

Yesterday, 11:20 PM

That Xavi is pish as well isn't he?

To be fair he is a bit of a sand dancer nowadays......