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In Topic: Thread About Ex Player

Yesterday, 03:53 PM

Clyde named only 4 subs and were even forced to field Tony Wallace for the last 5 minutes.


In Topic: Thread About Ex Player

Yesterday, 03:52 PM

Lost to Clyde!!

In Topic: Thread About Ex Player

Yesterday, 03:33 PM

Michael Tidser subbed off at HT for Falkirk as they trail Clyde at Broadwood.

The Snake put McLean on for Tidser and Johnstone on for Doyle.
Some mad 325 1950s formation there.

Lamont scored for Clyde. Is that the same Lamont that was in our 19s/development squad 4 or5 years back?

In Topic: Season Tickets

Yesterday, 03:27 PM

It automatically becomes a fan card.
My account no was the same last season as it was the season before when I had a fan card though, so makes sense.

In Topic: Season Tickets

Yesterday, 02:32 PM

There are 3 different pricing structures. The one the official site states, the one the match preview states and the one the ticketing site charges.

You are wrong about contacting the club. It is entirely their responsibility to be on top of that and making sure it is right.

And it is nothing to do with the age of your son. The site is charging all kids a fiver.

Cheers. Will maybe give the club a call. Point about his age was that it states on website that under 12s are a pound. Also on his profile that he is under 12.
While reason for using card is to save hassle of queuing up for ticket, but his ticket is a pound at the booth.