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  1. Muirhead put in a shift today. Very little preseason and a rare 90 mins. His touch/control is miles ahead of anyone else we have.
  2. Half the shite out there is signed up for next year.
  3. TTG. Gants on Tuesday then if that haddie gets it. He 100% will then.
  4. They probably offered more than us.
  5. Embarrassing the way Stewart and Co big bed them up there.
  6. Tidser coming on as a sub against junior haddies.
  7. They’ll be ahead of us within 12 months
  8. Hate to say it, but Millar’s done
  9. McKinnon saying they had a 2 year plan to get to the Premiership. They’ll skoosh league 1 but I wouldn’t fancy that squad competing at the top end of the Championship.
  10. Not in the relegation season he didn’t.
  11. No Idea what the “rat” patter’s about. But he was fucking awful in his last season with us. Couldn’t care less what he’s doing now.
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