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  1. If they continue to use the gym for the away team they can get rid of the portacabins that are costing the club £2000 a month.
  2. Fair play to Billy Dodds who's outburst is about to save the club £2000 a month. Every cloud as they say.
  3. What's this all about? Club Statement – 24 November 2021 17 mins ago Over the course of this season, it has been amazing to welcome our supporters back into Cappielow, as well as having you back the team across the country at away games. The support and backing you have given the team, even in difficult circumstances, has been incredible and everyone at the club thanks you all for that. This was most noticeable a few weeks ago against Hamilton at Cappielow when the backing of the home support in the second half kept the players pushing right until the death to get the equaliser. Unfortunately, we regret that an incident has been brought to our attention from Saturday in Kirkcaldy, where abusive language and aggressive behaviour was used towards one of the club’s employees. The results might not always end as we would like and every supporter is entitled to voice their opinion, but the line must be drawn at inappropriate personal abuse of someone who is trying to do their job. The club has launched an investigation into this incident, and if anyone would like to get in touch with any information around such behaviour, please email us at ceo@gmfc.net.
  4. Anyone else think we are about to lose our commercial manager if this venture takes off? https://www.inverclydenow.com/new-outdoor-advertising-business-launches-in-inverclyde/
  5. Anyone looking at the accounts of Morton will quickly realise that the club has failed to make a profit or break even in all but one season in the last 20 years. If you think MCT can turn that around quickly you're not operating in the real world. The club do need the money from MCT members to keep going until such time they get their act together and find other ways to generate revenue. How long that will take nobody knows, worryingly MCT don't appear to know either and the members will only give the current board a limited time to get it right. The quicker we make the changes at Cappielow that are required the better for all our sakes.
  6. That will sound the death knell of the club. If people do that the club will quickly go into administration and eventually liquidation.
  7. Don't agree, there are people within MCT who know we need big changes but like all change it takes time, effort and commitment.
  8. Did make an offer to take Morton off of Crawford Rae's hands but wanted Golden Casket as part of the deal.
  9. I agree with this, but why do we have to wait until we are relegated to do the rebuilding and restructuring. Surely we can do both whether we manage to stay up or not?
  10. Don't always agree with some of the comments but then that's football. But I thought the discussion around the Q&A and MCT was spot on. Anyone I have spoken to are all of the same opinion and all have brought up the same concerns. I have no doubt there are folks within the MCT leadership team who share those concerns and are trying to have them resolved asap. MCT need to sort out their house as a matter of urgency I would say, maybe controversially, before we fix things on the park. What happens off the park affects what happens on the park and right now off the park looks as bad or maybe even worse than what's on the park. Someone in MCT needs to step up to the mark and sort both MCT and GMFC out. Some folks may say that that is Graham McLennan's job but the guy has his own personal issues to deal with and somebody else needs to man up and take control in the meantime or else this adventure is going to fall flat on it's face.
  11. I have a question for MCT. Why is Crawford Rae listed as a director of GMFC Property Ltd?
  12. There is an easy answer to that. If you don't like who's in control and running things vote them out of office. That's how it works. But I shall point out one thing where you do have it right. There is no provision in the Articles of Association (Rules) for the members to call a Special General Meeting which in my opinion is an oversight.
  13. The only way Gus is leaving is if he resigns. There is no way MCT/GMFC can afford to buy him out his contract.
  14. MCT do not have carte blanche to do as they please. The use of the word "merely" implies that the members have no control which is far from the truth. MCT have freedom to make decisions on a day to day basis but control ultimately lies with its members. That's why you have Rules and Articles of Association.
  15. There's a lot covered in this topic but one thing sticks out for me is that there is a lot the club should be doing that they are not. That's all down to roles and responsibilities which we don't appear to have given some of the points made. Directors of the football club need to have specific roles and not just be seat warmers at games and meetings. That way they can be held accountable and this gives members a better idea who they should have running the club. The same goes for MCT.
  16. I've missed this Gordon Ritchie stooshie. What are his supposed misdemeaners?
  17. It's fan owned not fan run. You'll want to have a poll to see who plays on Saturday.
  18. Thanks for that, I'm assuming that in time that Companies House will be updated with all the relevant detail concerning the three companies?
  19. Can someone from MCT explain what the ownership of club and ground now looks like under the new agreement? If the ground has been protected under this new agreement if, god forbid, the club runs into financial difficulty how does that work from a legal standpoint? Is the ground being held by a separate company or does ownership of the ground now fall to MCT? If so have we effectively separated the ground from the football club i.e. GMFC no longer own Cappielow? That being the case does this dilute the value of shares in Morton Football Club given it no longer owns its only asset, its only worth being its registration with the SFA? If the above is correct then it would be incumbent of someone to explain this to the 10% of GMFC shareholders who have been kept pretty much in the dark and should be approached to join MCT which would be to their benefit.
  20. I'm sure you're not alone in having doubts. But if we all followed your lead and never joined then we would almost certainly be on a downward spiral. The more people who join the better chance there is of MCT making a success of Morton and making progress. That has to be one of MCTs major challenges to get more people to take a leap of faith and sign up.
  21. What are these "things" and when are we going to see them in action? It's alright talking about what you would do but until people see these "things" in action then we are not that much further forward. You have an army of volunteers, so I'm told, time to put them to some use and get these "things" up and running where possible. Fans want to see action and uncommitted fans still need to be convinced that MCT are going to make a difference compared to how the club has been run in the past. A lot are frustrated that not a lot appears to have changed, you need to change that perception if your to attract new members and lapsed fans.
  22. Where's the fun in that, we have to have something entertaining to do when the football is guff.
  23. These are all good points you make but I'm more interested on how you intend to make these aims happen. It's all very well having these ideals but how do you intend putting them into practice. We need to increase our fanbase, how do you intend making that happen? We need to increase our revenue, how do you intend making that happen. What measurements will you put in place to judge whether the actions you take are successful? I'm not being negative here I just want to see the club being more successful year on year. Just as an aside ever thought of having a sponsors day at Cappielow where a company that already advertises at Cappielow can set up a stall, for example, to advertise their products and give out information straight to those interested fans as they enter the ground? That of course should include MCT. No harm in having a "sign up here drive" to try and increase membership.
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