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  1. 3-3 now absolutely wonderful stuff. 10 mins injury time too
  2. Wish someone would break that cunt Graham in half.
  3. Didn't think they looked that bad but losing a goal and getting a man Sent off in the first 17 mins isn't helpful. Pains me to say it but it looks like Partick are going up.
  4. Totally agree mate. Surprised the details of new strips haven't been released although the matchwinner tops coming out may or may not have something to do with this.
  5. Delighted with that. He's a really good option to have.
  6. Kabia and schwake released by livi. Nicky devlin, Jackson Longridge, Stephen omeonga amd Jack Fitzwater away too. Wonder of Dougie has his eyes on any of them.
  7. United down and Ross County in the playoff final against the Partick Maryhill Media Darlings.
  8. Is that the wee prick who played for queen of the South? If so I remember him being a wee arsehole and not really up to much ability wise.
  9. Speaking about this in work today. I'd much rather have County come down than Dundee United.
  10. Couldn't have said it any better myself
  11. 2k pw? How the fuck are accies affording that ?
  12. Wouldn't mind if Dougie was on the phone to Fulton and Tumilty following Hamiltons relegation.
  13. Would be a no for me. There's better out there. If we were going to sign anyone from that QP released list then it would be Davidson who can play cb or rb.
  14. Season tickets sorted for me and my son for next season. Hopefully some news on strips and signings coming soon!
  15. Let's hope Airdrie finish the job and put that rabble Hamilton down. That prick mcglynn needs to go after that surely?
  16. 100% serious. He's a good player and came onto a game tail end of the season.
  17. Of those leaving I'd have liked to see strapp stay but we've been over that a million times. Also would t be against schwake and Crawford coming back next season. Carlo leaving is a surprise although I think it's a good move for the club. Better options out there if we are seriously challenge for the league next season. Wonder of he'll look for a part time club as he has something else lined up outside of football. Would love to see big Efe join as a coach.
  18. Would be happy for Miller to stay. Really came onto a game, grabbed a goal or 2 and created a few goals too.
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