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  1. Watched the interview there. Open, honest and accurate... I don’t see why anyone would have a problem with it. Financially we’re really badly off, but everyone knew that. Staying in the Championship would be a great achievement.
  2. Have seen the Vladivostok team play at home. Standard was mid-table SPL level.
  3. This season has to be played to completion, even if it ends up finishing in September or whenever. Next season would then have to be completely adjusted (maybe teams just playing each other twice, with a top/bottom split after that), to get timings back on track for the following season.
  4. Didn’t say Tidser wasn’t a good player at our level - he was excellent at times. Fact is though, he was only playing at our level because he wasn’t a good enough natural athlete to secure a spot with an average SPL side. When you are slow to start with... and then start to get slower with age, you end up getting released by Falkirk and signing for Kelty Hearts as a 30th birthday present!
  5. Tidser would quite possibly have been Celtic regular for years if he’d had pace. A very talented player, but just had no zip in his legs, which is why he ended up playing at a pretty mediocre level throughout his career. If you’re not rapidly quick these days you are going nowhere. Coaches should be honest with the numerous kids that are playing pro youth football - if you’re not fast, you’re never going to make it at a decent level.
  6. By all accounts Tidser looked done at Falkirk this season. It’s pretty young for that, but he has never been a good athlete. Signing for Kelty Hearts is pretty much acknowledging that his best days are past him... he’s now just trying to get as much money as he can - can’t blame him. Tidser’s career was ultimately pretty disappointing, majorly held back by a lack of speed and athleticism.
  7. Seeing the earlier comments on Quitongo. Could never take to him when he was at Morton, had a bit too much swagger for someone that was such a limited footballer... turned out an even worse character that I thought. Good to see young Lyons and Strapp breaking through now. Both technically better footballers than Quitongo was, and they seem to have good attitudes.
  8. Bachirou was an excellent player. Wouldn’t doubt that he maybe lost his motivation in a truly awful season... was probably desperate to get away from Morton. Undoubtedly one of our top midfielders in the last 20 years.
  9. Tidser an unused sub for Falkirk yesterday. 0-0 draw at home to East Fife, more calls for McKinnon to go.
  10. Not a single Falkirk supporter with a good word to say about Tidser or McKinnon... a shame that. On Millar, he was clearly done last season, his legs are gone. Possibly contributed to his umpteen floated balls into the box on Friday night...
  11. You're still obsessed I see... I'm sure I didn't say he was useless, as he was a decent player. Just didn't think he had it in him to ever make it in the top league in England, which he hasn't.
  12. Pretty sure I said he wouldn't make it at Newcastle Utd when he signed for them. According to Google that was in 2016 and... according to Google, he made zero league appearances for Newcastle Utd. Wrong again... damn.
  13. I thought that there were some rules to banter on here, but clearly for some there aren't. I know several of the 'clique' to see/by name (most in fact, been pointed out to me by a couple of other posters that know them), but I wouldn't put their names on a message board, as I think it's a pretty w*nkerish thing to do. The 'weans hating' comment I guess is supposed to annoy me, but knowing how I get on with my kids... I can just about cope with it. It's just more out of bounds w*nkerish behaviour. Bottom line, if it bothered me in the slightest I wouldn't be here... I do know that I've had a bit of a chuckle to myself when I've walked past these 'bully-boys' at Cappielow.
  14. Which manager wouldn't want to move to a bigger club on the back of a couple of successful years? An unambitious one... Luckily for him he was in the position to be able to take a gamble and leave a relatively secure job at Livi.
  15. Hmm... I tipped him to become the Bradford manager months before he got the job. At no point did I say whether or not he'd do well - impossible to predict that. You're very good at making stuff up to suit your ramblings. Agree though, typical football management, his stock will have plummeted in the last two months. He could easily be sacked by Christmas.. As above, what do you have against Hopkin? A Morton supporter, shareholder... and a decent guy.
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