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  1. Raymond ‘Ray’ McKinnon gone from QP.
  2. Outside of the Paisley connections I have nothing against Gus. I think he’s a decent enough guy, and was dealt a pretty shit hand with the circus of the squad he inherited. However - he took the job on. He’d watched us on multiple occasions this season and felt he had it within him to steer us to safety and was aware of our many faults, he’s unfortunately failed. He’s shown nothing to suggest he’s the man to take us out of League 1, bugger all. If we want to hit the refresh button, he has to be one of many shown the door. Thanks but no thanks.
  3. 1-1 now, eggs over pretty grim for The Bully Wee
  4. Excellent news, and credit to everyone involved getting it over the line so quickly. I’m cautiously optimistic about the future, and whilst relegation is going to be a massive kick in the stones, the club’s probably in the best hands it could be in during my entire time supporting it. Roll on the title party.
  5. Josh McPake wins the FA Trophy with Harrogate Town, defeating Concord Rangers at Wembley. They will only be champions for another 3 weeks though, with another final due to take place.
  6. Aye. We picked him up from some ungodly level in England.
  7. Ray I’m sure. We’ve had worse full backs, I’ll give him that.
  8. Not 100% sure how we’ve gotten to that new deal from where we were, but I’ll take it. Read through the document there too and pleased with a lot of the sounds being made. Have my doubts about us becoming sustainable as quickly whilst balancing it with relative success on the pitch - but it looks to be our best way forward anyway.
  9. Scott Tiffoney joins Partick on loan
  10. Plenty of others have mentioned it now, but it really is embarrassing that MCT still feel in a position where they need to appease the current ghouls in the boardroom. If there were higher bidders queuing up you could perhaps understand it, but they’re currently watching the thing they are about to inherit being systematically destroyed in front of them and just allowing even more fuel to be poured on the flames.
  11. Can indeed confirm even Collins family take little to do with him. Grade A tit.
  12. Stuart Findlay signs for the Philadelphia Union.
  13. Recruiting a new SLO at the minute feels very stable door/horse bolted. Weird timing
  14. “Still supported the club financially” We don’t have a fucking manager, captain, CEO, kitman, scout or goalkeeping coach and have one of the lowest budgets we’ve ever had (despite a £500k injection) - plunging towards relegation.
  15. Side point, but as someone else raised the other day, that MCT statement leaping to the defence of the Raes really irked me. I understand they have to maintain working relationships for the next few months, but the language of the thing and tone towards supporters that weren’t sure if their club was about to go under really were not great. Not a knock on MCT’s overall communication, which has largely been good, but I’m still quite annoyed by the whole “How dare you” feel of that statement.
  16. If only the club had promised some sort of Q&A with directors where questions could be submitted about some of these very concerns.
  17. Aye as Dunning says Jackson might’ve added fuel to the flames and put a timescale on things because he’s a prick, but all of this was started by Morton. As early as September when we already asking for more money, right through to last week’s horror show of a statement. There was nothing to suggest we were anything other than gubbed.
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