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  1. Was shunted out wide for Clyde and did sack all. Shame to see him fall down the ladder so much.
  2. Archie Campbell signs for Kelty Hearts...
  3. Peaso will be on Peter & Roughie's football show this evening, 7:05 on STV Glasgow.
  4. Robert Earnshaw has retired, thank you for the memories.
  5. He'll be playing in the Juniors soon, bit of a shame, looked a player on rare occasions.
  6. They're beating us on saturday aren't they :|
  7. Have my doubts (no offence) but would be Dece if true...
  8. Do you know he's pals with Steven Fletcher?
  9. Blackpool will likely be playing League 2 football next season, but even then, he'll be on better money.
  10. Worth every penny for the #scenes in Glasgow IMO.
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