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  1. Hitler used to drink in The Hole In The Wa'
  2. Cutting off M8 now. Just a coke for me. No food, watching my figure.
  3. Ok. I don't f*ck on first dates so don't get any ideas.
  4. 5pm might be a bit tight but won't be much later then that. Down beside Diagio. I'll message you when I know what my definite plans are.
  5. You've never met me Paul and I'm not likely to do anything to you, unless you ask nicely. Anyway, I'm busy first thing tomorrow then heading over to Livingston and Grangemouth. Should be back over Renfrew way mid afternoon and completely free between 5 and 6. Does that suit you sir?
  6. Wouldn't be a problem to me, I work five minutes from his gaff.
  7. Probably just another of your 'all talk, no action' mates. If you're going to threaten me Paul, at least grow a pair and do it properly.
  8. Remember the time Ed made you go away and create a new account, Jonesy.
  9. I think you'll find the biggest contributor to this 'dustbin' is your good self.
  10. Nah, gone to bed. You really need to understand the meaning of gloating before accusing someone of doing it.
  11. Go on, quote the posts I was gloating in. Looks like your friendship with the lying director is rubbing off on you. Sad 😔
  12. Nah, you've just made that up.
  13. I don't ever remember gloating when we've got beat, that's absurd and laughable. I don't even hate you fatty.
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