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In Topic: Johansson's Future

14 February 2019 - 06:23 AM

TBH it's pretty Morton to have an extension clause worth an unspecified amount. Another way of phrasing that would be 'not having an extension clause.'


Who ****ing knows what's happening.


It's possible that it does specify an amount, but it's optional for the player for accept the extension or not.


So if the player meets the criteria for the clause to trigger then he's at least guaranteed the security of a contract for next year, but still has scope to seek a better offer from Morton or elsewhere.

In Topic: Morton vs Ross County

02 January 2019 - 08:45 AM

They’ve probably just remembered they got asked about this a year ago, and now we’ve got a live game coming up they’re talking s***e.
The Celtic Q/F in 1999 had the suspended gantry, and the Motherwell Q/F replay was filmed from the main stand. Got no idea why the main stand is deemed unsuitable now.


Long time ago now, and doesn't really matter, but I'm sure the gantry used for the Celtic Q/F in 99 was actually cantilevered out from a scaffold erected towards the rear of the shed (sort of like a diving  board); I think it may also have been tied to, but not suspended from, the roof structure.

In Topic: January Transfer Window Thread

27 December 2018 - 06:27 AM

Au contraire; anyone who thinks that ‘JJ’ is anything other than a gubbins dud by now should try swimming to Arran to secure your destination.

In the same way that it really didn’t take more than 45 minutes for Sir David Irons to tell that a player was utter dung, the thinking section of the fanbase (at least) doesn’t need more than 15 games of utter failure to determine that we’ve appointed an absolute James Grady-esque dud. It’s actually a very straightforward conclusion.

Everyone gave him goodwill; he blew through it quickly by losing 1-5 to ****ing Ayr amongst a minor sea of utter dung results this year; it’s time to get rid.


I'm trying to work out which player(s) you're referring to.   

In Topic: General Football - Weird Results And Other Things Worth Sharing

06 December 2018 - 02:06 PM

Cormack was everyone’s scapegoat until he scored against those b*stards, tbf.

No, it was Cormack Snr the guy had a problem with (he didn’t like junior much either, but that was rational).

In Topic: General Football - Weird Results And Other Things Worth Sharing

06 December 2018 - 03:46 AM

Kilmarnock top of the league, eh?

Just think about it, an anniversary dinner 30 years from now and some alcoholic, Ayrshire tramp still whining about a f*ck up with money ten years on from that, whilst his lapdog does the Keystore run for his fags and Thunderbird every morning.


I used to sit in the stand with my Dad and there was a guy and his wife, both from Kilmarnock, who appeared behind us from 1994 to 97.


Guy was a mentalist and absolutely hated Peter Cormack Snr.   Bear in mind this was the Lindberg, Rajamaki, Lilley, McInnes etc. era where we were going great and playing some of the best stuff ever.    No matter what happened Cormack was getting it, starting from the moment the team (picked by McGraw) was announced.   We'd be comfortably winning and McGraw makes a sub in injury time: "CORMACK!!! You ***ing clown!!!" etc.   His wee wife would be trying to calm him down as he's near giving himself a stroke.


Anyway, all throughout the 96-97 season he kept announcing that he'd had enough and was going to get a season ticket for Killie.  Never saw them again after that, so presume that's what they did. 


So, anyway, that's the guy.