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  1. Peaso hoping to be back in about 3 or 4 weeks
  2. Declan McDaid goes out on loan to Cowdenbeath. Maybe he would have been better staying with us and he would have got more game time?
  3. He's a young lad with great potential, but he lacks first team experience. Making cameo appearances and starring the U20's isn't what he needs right now. Lets see what he can do with a run of games in a loan move to another club
  4. Duffy wants Scullion to have a bit of first team experience. As mentioned by Duffy, he's a stand out in the U20's, so why not see what he can do over a 6 week period hopefully in League1. Makes sense to me...
  5. Wouldn't expect him to say anything else. Anyway, could give a fek about the spoon burners
  6. That appointment has totally undermined the authority of Murray. He's a fool allowing that to happen
  7. You're the one who should be providing evidence as you made the original post stating Dyer was "rejected and washed up" I still don't know who rejected him in the Summer and pointed out that just because you go part-time with a club doesn't make you an inferior player ability wise. I gave the example of Cuthbert who you said was shite because he went to Ayr. I then again pointed out he ended up getting promoted with Hamilton subsequently turning down the opportunity to play in the SPL to go to Raith Rovers.
  8. Do you not remember your rantings about Cuthbert dropping to part-time outfit Ayr and that his career was washed up? Dyer has played most of his career in the east coast (Raith Rovers, Dundee and yes, Brechin!) so I take it he stays there. Brechin could be the ideal move for him.
  9. I remember your identical ramblings about Kevin Cuthbert being washed up when he went to Ayr. Only for him to later join Hamilton and win the league
  10. I'm reading posts through tears of laughter at your nonsensical ramblings
  11. You made the initial fantasy claim. Onus to provide evidence is on you fella.
  12. I'm not the one who is insinuating anything - that's you. You stated he was rejected in the Summer but can't seem to back up that claim and other nonsense. Your flush seems to be getting well busted this weather....
  13. Who rejected him in the Summer? How do you know the Brechin offer wasn't what he was waiting for? Have you just made your fantasy scenario up?
  14. Why? You don't know his circumstances. Part-time football could suit him financially. Signing for Brechin could be a financial decision not on his ability to play at a higher level.
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