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  1. Jack Purdue scored his first league goal for Queens Park v Edinburgh City today in a 2-1 win
  2. Football should be played on Grass not plastic.

  3. Indeed the shambles of Ebbsfleet United shows we need to avoid this idea at all cost. Let the manager be the manager
  4. I know sorry. its a shame he left
  5. Jack Purdue scores for Queens Park
  6. Did really well, was comfortable on the ball had nice touches and did a few key passes
  7. Ben Armour came of bench for Peterhead, as did Langan for Dumbarton
  8. Was an interesting game QP have a big back 3
  9. Bur SMISA own 29% of shares and have legal option to buy the club, MCT get 15% and no cast iron promises
  10. There is a danger this could end up in a us (the pledgers) and them (the rest of the fans) situation which could end up messy. Also with GC keeping 75% of shares MCT could have someone on the board that can be ignored.
  11. The way St Mirren, Hearts and Motherwell have done it could be something to look at
  12. Why don't we go for total fan ownership?
  13. and Golden casket can do a share issue anytime
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