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  1. Has Jacobs filled in at left back before? Have the fear of being one Strapp injury away from seeing Muirhead slotted in there again. We some decent attacking players for the level in Nesbitt, Lyon, Colville and McGuffie. Orsi will hopefully come on fron last season too. I'll be interested to see how Salkeld gets on - definitely has potential but needs to step up on last season's efforts.
  2. It's frustrating seeing other clubs signing players when we aren't but there seems to be a lot of knicker wetting about Tumilty leaving. I would have had no concerns about keeping him on but despite a better end to the season he hasn't done nearly enough for us to match Raith's offer of a 2 year deal. I may be wrong but think he was based in the East anyway so it's no surprise he's away if that's the case. Hopefully we hear some news about players over the next few days.
  3. Tidser apparently offered £600 a week to play part-time at Queens Park. Whether the offer is still on the table I'm not sure but Craig Slater can't be on pennies either. Scary money for League 2 but if there's one manager who knows how to make a mess of a promotion bid with the biggest budget in the league it's the Snake.
  4. Tam O'Ware gives away a penalty and is sent off in the 4th minute against Dunfermline. Penalty scored. 😆
  5. Neilson got sacked. Next manager brought in own players for that position.
  6. The positional change didn't help Russell but he's had a poor attitude ever since he was linked with bigger clubs. Apparently he turned up to last pre-season with Duffy around two stone overweight. Interesting to see where he ends up. Warming the bench as back up to Willie Dyer would be particularly pleasing.
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