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  1. Tidser apparently offered £600 a week to play part-time at Queens Park. Whether the offer is still on the table I'm not sure but Craig Slater can't be on pennies either. Scary money for League 2 but if there's one manager who knows how to make a mess of a promotion bid with the biggest budget in the league it's the Snake.
  2. Tam O'Ware gives away a penalty and is sent off in the 4th minute against Dunfermline. Penalty scored. 😆
  3. Neilson got sacked. Next manager brought in own players for that position.
  4. The positional change didn't help Russell but he's had a poor attitude ever since he was linked with bigger clubs. Apparently he turned up to last pre-season with Duffy around two stone overweight. Interesting to see where he ends up. Warming the bench as back up to Willie Dyer would be particularly pleasing.
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