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  1. I just posted about this in the other forum... Maybe I am out of touch and opening myself up for a slagging, but I don't quite understand how that works, assuming the abuser is also white and scottish?
  2. I always thought he was a good player, but probably because he liked to take a dig from far out
  3. wowzers! that is amazing cheers for posting
  4. Pearl Jam - Black Actually listening to whole TEN album - remastered version Incredible 10/10 - in my top 5 albums of all time for sure
  5. Errors - Supertribe Great Glasgow band that I highly recommend
  6. my bro and sister are at their gig right now! never heard of them until yesterday!
  7. Jonas - Inchallah (Swiss French Rap/Hip Hop) [Youtube]I07_tlaVIGM[/Youtube]
  8. thanks mate glad someone has taste are u in NL? not sure where that place under your name
  9. "Slang" / Jaco Pastorius give it at least 1 minute until it kicks in RdY-KAmj5fU
  10. Godspeed you black emperor - this is actual footage from Chernobyl FAgRDScygic
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