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  1. I'd like to relive Temps 2nd goal against Killy 5 times please.
  2. Cool. I'll pledge 400k now then. MTC go get a deal to write off the debt.
  3. Still very little about the debt being written off. It's the be all and end all really. Not sure why we cant get a statement from GC expressly committing to write it off if 400k is raised.
  4. Still nae clue about the debt then. Magic.
  5. Your website states that if you raise £400k, Crawford will 'consider, recommending' to GC that they formally write off the £2.5m. I'm not sure if it is actually possible for that to be any less of a commitment to do anything at all. He hasn't even said he will recommend it, just he will consider recommending it. So, what does this actually mean is my question? You state without raising a high pledge total you have no strong proposition to affect anything, however if they would just actually tell us in black and white "raise £400k and the debt goes away" I'm sure you'll see an influx of pledges, myself included. There's obviously other question around what exactly Crawford was talking about at the Q&A when he, in most peoples eyes, already wrote the debt off, but that's a question for him not MCT.
  6. Aye true, they might have wanted him back. Especially as we weren't playing him enough.
  7. Should have kept him. Literally the only pacy direct player we had
  8. What a stupid interview. It's David Brentish, dripping in cringe worthy delusion and arrogance. 'I enjoyed my time at morton, and the club and the fans means a lot to me, but it was time for a new challenge. Im excited about this new chapter and hope we are there or thereabouts at the end of the season.' Thats all you had to say, even if you didn't mean it you could have shown a modicum of respect. Now you will be hounded and deservedly fucking so. Fuck O'Ware.
  9. Yeah for clarity I wasn't suggesting I wanted them back either, just think they would have been useful members of this season's squad following Quitongos injury and Forbes brain transplant.
  10. Not a huge fan of either Barr or McManus, but Barr would have been useful to have as an alternative to Forbes for the past 2 months, and McManus would comfortably be the 2nd best (fit) striker in our squad. Having both of them around this season could have made a big difference to our current predicament. McManus fucked us over. Barr went for a longer contract and more cash. Fair dos.
  11. I suppose we will only know if that's true if we sign someone better.
  12. You brought that on yourself my man. You drinking a half bottle of buckie in the space of 10 minutes due entirely to poor Fifa performance was certainly entertaining for the rest of us. As was your shape throwing on the dace floor later on. Oh, and Days go by by dirty vegas, to keep on topic.
  13. Mumford & Sons - Little Lion Man ... and happy hardcore through the wall from the group of ruffians who have just returned from stabbing grannies no doubt. Probably all huffed up on goofballs and the like.
  14. Biffy Clyro - Who's got a match And Boozhound take that back, i like Edith, she looks like if she was drunk enough i might have a shot.
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