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  1. Heh heh, superb. I actually came up with that one, on here, many moons ago The original about Phil cannie that started it all is undoubted genius though
  2. Five Get Over Excited is the first single I ever bought!
  3. Just randomed my iPhone. Roger Taylor's surprisingly good cover of Lennon's 'Working Class Hero' - nice. [YouTube] [/YouTube]
  4. Foo Fighters - Hey, Johnny Park! A classic.
  5. Beck - Cellphone's Dead. Total funky genius, one of his best.
  6. The xx - (untitled album) Mysterious male female duo, I think? They are mysterious right down to their name! Nice melodic atmospheric duets-downbeat pop, highly recommended. I Also put Twin Atlantic's 'Vivarium' on for the first time today-really interestingly structured rock songs, tight as feck playing, but I'm not sure about that guys voice! Only listened to first few tracks, it'll grow on me. Like a metal 'Glasvegas' And of course the new Muse album too-all pretensions of not ripping off Queen are truly out the window and they are showing it loud and proud
  7. The Boo Radleys - Everything's Alright Forever Nasty, nasty guitar pop-gets better with age that album.
  8. What a shout! Shack were criminally ignored-HMS Fable is a perfect album. Im not a big fan of Nutini, but I was pleasantly surprised by Candy-I think it's a great song. Tune!!! x infinity!!! Their best, in my opinion. What a riff, funky as fck! YOWZER!!! Picked up Manics' Everything Must Go and Stone Roses The Second Coming in the hmv 2 for tenner thing in hmv the other day, great to hear them again, only had emg on tape, and The Roses album was snaffled by an ex in 1997 (along with my gatefold se of Weller's first solo album, the bitch. Begging You----WHAT a song
  9. I watched that in work the other night, quality! I'm loving the Ladyhawke album at the mo. V v good pop. also liking Friendly Fires and the odd spin of the new Kasabian. Fire is such a good song, eh
  10. Have looked out Neil Young and Crazy Horse' 'Sleeps with Angels' after talking about it on Friday night, played that non stop when it came out. Transam what a song
  11. I'm loving the new Prodigy album. Back to Old School!!!!!, great return to form, Omen is immense.
  12. I think Magnificent is the best song on it, for me.
  13. The U2 album is brilliant, has been on heavy rotation on my players since last week. "Magnificent" by U2 is just fcking brilliant. "Unknown Caller" is just great!
  14. hairi rape me, peedo?

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