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  1. What I seen today ,defence liked solid livi never looked like scoring, we were well organised and comfortable on the ball at the back, Baird looks happy and confident on the ball. Strong in the challenge and wining most 50/50 in the box. Midfield lots o running tracking back and effort. Strap looking solid and dictated play from defence to attack. Midfield I thought was by passed, players were doing a lot o running and covering breaking up play from livi but not really commanding the game . Same with attack Jai looked a pain in the ass for livi chasing everything and covering midfield a lot sitting a bit deep same with Kabia both look hungry to to win the ball. From what I seen we will be a team ready to fight for everything a hard team to beat typical D.I mentality. The goals well . 1st goal was nothing to do with us at all, big right back for livi passed the ball back under no intense pressure, passed it with his toe right past the keeper into bottom corner. 2nd: keepers passed to us leaving us two on one and well taken by Garrity just keeper to beat few yards out . 3rd: keeper throws ball to us, again were now 2 v 1 and again pass and goal well taken both goals . ALL in all we will take that win and the defensive display anyday and be happy. One thing that I noticed though was when Dougie subbed Kabia there was some feisty chat between them both. Think Kabia said something to Dougie and it pissed him right off and there was still some afters five mins after he was subbed. Unsure if maybe Kabia's temperament is not to Dougie's liking.
  2. Bit worried now, played two friendlies and Dougie saying team is thin due to some injuries oh dear oh dear. Anyone know who ?
  3. Ok moving on any mumblings of more signings happening. You would think the move for kabia would have been sorted by now. Have I missed anything on that one ?
  4. Agree some would shout 'he's pish' and 'get him aff' as soon as he gives a shit pass ten mins in . A lot o folk think they know better than qualified professional managers and seem to just get a rise shouting crap at players just for attention, some o these folk have never kicked a ball or played in a team game in their Life. Not all fans, the majority will back him and generally give someone a bit o time and a chance but some will be on the guys back right from his first mistake. No one likes arrogance and players with big Egos however no one gives a fuck as long as it don't impact the team and he does the talking on the park.
  5. 24 is a good age and young for a footballer has a good 7 year ahead o him still , if it works out well it will be a step up on Gary Oliver I'm sure .
  6. I think the point he is making is that he was in a team that had success, and that is still good for players to experience what it feels like to win something no matter what part he played in them getting there.
  7. I don't give a flying fk how his interview comes across, if the lad gives his all, stays injury free, and can channel his ego to perform and do well for us then how he talks in front of a camera will mean fk all to all of us. I trust Dougie as the type o man who can channel the young 24 year old boys attitude in the right direction I trust him before I trust the opinions of some folk spouting piss on here . He has not been on the park two mins and folk have written him off. While he is with us and playing for the jersey I'll reserve judgement and wish him well. However I get a feeling some online football managers would rather he fails miserably. While he is yet to kick a ball I'll give him my support ,yes things may go tits up and then I'll judge . And I feel a lot want it to fail so they get a sense of look told you so,but come on let's back him . I personally think it's worth a punt when he did have his purple patch he was a joy to watch ,he has that in him he's still young , if he finds the form and stays fit and confident it could work out for us. A lot o too players have big egos and come across as wnkers on interviews personality not being as to your expectations don't mean they don't give a fk about the team,some folk may think your a cnt with how you come across but I'm sure you have good intentions.
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