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  1. Fair play mate. As you'll have gathered, a guy did something similar not so long ago going about it in all the wrong ways. Good luck, hope it's a success.
  2. Even someone with cfb's front, it just cant be him.
  3. Or one other option that has been suggested to me by a number of people but surely even someone with his history of fake accounts wouldnt do that. No way, not a chance, definitely not.
  4. Utterly vile email. I hope Callum makes known the full email address so we can steer clear of the scumbag involved. Couple of things that I hope hes already noticed. The email is similar to the mr***********@gmail.com that he posted on Wednesday night associated with my twitter account. Bearing in mind that not many folk start their email with mr, what are the chances of someone posting with a similar email to mine 3 days after my exchange with him. Extremely unlikely. It's not me, so that leaves the only possibility being that someone has seen the email on Wednesday and copied what they could from it and sent a nasty email making it look like me. The time of the nasty email was 6.53am and he tweeted about his father's 10th anniversary at 9.52am so assuming the times are correct, it has to be someone who was close to him and knew the anniversary was today. That person isnt me, it's certainly not the way I write messages anyway but regardless of what I think of him, he should be given the courtesy of being told who it is. Disgusting behaviour.
  5. The guy did wrong and I've called him out about it. Otherwise he continues the lies and deceit. I'm cool wi that.
  6. Along the lines of the media output from the club is poor, the worst in the league and we should be using a guy called FootballCFB to improve things. All directed to Morton FC twitter and all all sent from the infamous utdmorton account which was also CFB.
  7. Superb post. Only thing is hes not a teacher anymore, he got emptied.
  8. Agree with all of this apart from the OTT part. The reason being that I have simply never came across this before. This isnt going to the boss and grassing on someone because they messed up a spread sheet. This is a 10 month plan to get a young employee sacked and to take his place. Imagine being Eubo in all of this, sitting wondering where his next job is and a CV that says he could hold down his first media job for barely a year. By all accounts he loved his job and I certainly had no problem with his content. Neither did CFB, but he wanted into Cappielow to help progress his podcast venture and to do this he made a fake account, primarily to promote his own stuff but also to tell everyone at Morton that Eubo's work was sub standard. He then contacts the club to tell them he will do the work of Eubo for free while he was furloughed. We all knew the end result was inevitable after that, culminating in him sitting in Eubo's seat on Tueday night. What we also must not forget is that we are only seeing CFB's content in the public eye, what on earth is he telling them in private in texts, phone calls and emails? If that happened to me, and I'm trying to put myself in that position and evaluate how serious it is, I would be comparing it to some serious sub human behaviour.
  9. That is some drivel in the CFB statement. The main purpose of the statement is to tell everyone he's the CFB Founder and that he is an FWA member. Me, me, me. A compulsive liar as I proved last night, I hope no one is fooled.
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