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  1. Don't really see the big problem with the tickets plan when there was uncertainty around fans being allowed in, protocols, etc as well as actually having a game to sell them for. Season ticket holders can get them over the next week and the club have already said people can phone so there's not going to be a big rush in one day. Meanwhile they're getting the protocols in place to make sure there's not going to be issues on the day, etc. We're among the first to have fans back so will be under a bit of scrutiny for that. There's a week until the public sale (which might turn out to
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  2. Think you took a wrong turn somewhere - here's the site you're looking for.
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  3. The game will also be shown live on BBC Alba but will be available to oversees viewers to watch on ‘TonTV for £12 I wonder if an "oversees" viewer is someone who lives in Cartsdyke Court.
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  4. I agree, no manager has been a success this season. McElhone (a fitness coach) seemed to have the players buying into him, where Gus (a once-proven manager at this level) has come in and barely mustered a reaction. No doubt that's largely due to a lack of quality and Gus isn't culpable for that, but the reaction of the players after the whistle blew up at Inverness suggests they were still behind McElhone, although his removal had already been decided. We've been chasing our tail this season with poor decision-making at every juncture of boardroom level. No checks and balances on player r
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