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  1. The sponsorship deal falling through was addressed a few weeks ago. I don't find the explanation offered by MCT 100% convincing (what's the club's benchmark for valuing sponsorship and who sets this: we don't have a chief executive FFS), but it's out there to judge for yourself. I think you're absolutely right to be worried but are largely focusing on the wrong, relatively trivial issues. I'd love to see MCT produce a positive, incrementally progressive direction for the club right now, but we need to face the reality of a truly unprecedented shitstorm that is about to rip through Scottish football just like every other business sector. Standing still would be a relative luxury. We are hobbled in our response by not having easy access to cashflow; but on the other hand, we don't have debt to a Walter Mitty owner and the ground appears to be secure - two crucial points in favour of our future prospects IMO. Simply continuing to operate at a moderately competent level is going to be the true measure of success for 30-odd SPFL clubs in the next 12 months: and I wouldn't be at all surprised if several fail and go into administration instead.
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  2. You may be right LT but I'm more content now about the club having a future than I was 18 months ago. The first rule of business is survival, particularly during periods like this and many other clubs will be facing these challenges. I have no doubt that if the previous structure was still in place then our future was sealed. At the moment we are close to being debt free with a secured ground so there are options that can be explored as to a future business model. MCT have been thrown in at the deep end and like all voluntary organisations will take time to bed down. I'm not going to get overly critical of people who are learning on the job, even if it means that there's little to excite on or off the park.
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  3. That was UEFA. It's about Dundee United. They've had their head kicked in!!!!!
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