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    A really interesting read, many thanks for posting this. I have to admit that I was possibly the fiercest critic of both MCT and Graham McLennan, but I am thoroughly impressed and encouraged by what I have seen/read over the past few days. They have managed to do within the space of little over a year what the GMST were unable to do in nearly twenty years - despite the GMST having countless fundraising events throughout that period plus several representatives on the GMFC board etc. Also, with regards to the Rae Family who have came in for a fair amount of criticism over the years, but credit has to be given to them for turning down a more 'lucrative offer' in favour of MCT. The identity of those behind the 'lucrative' offer is unknown, probably due to non-disclosure clauses etc. However there have been 'local businessmen' with a dubious reputation circling the club for several years now. Their presence was most likely to be off-putting to other potential suitors however credit where it's due to Mrs Rae for preferring the supporters ahead of some local villains who were considered to be 'the only show in town' and inevitable incumbents by so many Morton supporters. I'm personally delighted it's not them who are taking over Morton. Finally, the future is ours to make. It's the start of a journey. Along the way there will be personality clashes, attention seekers, gloryhunters etc. But there will also be a lot of good, honest, well meaning Morton supporters doing the best for the club. If others can do it, why can't we? With this in mind, it's time for a giant leap of faith - I'm finally signing up. The ownership of the stadium remains an issue of concern, but I'm sure that can be overcome. It may be that public funding, grants etc. May be available to facilitate the purchase of the stadium for community purposes - one things for sure is those third sector gravy train types will know what's what in that regards.
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    Sounds like a bit of a clown tbh.
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    Just signed up, change is requires as we were stagnant in recent years. The Rae's have done a good job since Scott era but time to move forward and great to see so many fans following suit
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    I met him about 2006 at Kings Park in Stirling when Keir was playing in a football tournament, he was handing out the prizes. Only spoke to him briefly, but found him to be a genuinely decent, friendly and down to earth man. RIP
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    Wasn't meaning to bite back was just wondering what he expected today based on what we usually see (like players wearing it or something when they can't). Definitely on the same hymn sheet about our commercial activity and hoping for big improvements in the new era. Fair enough, misinterpreted your post. Agree that the whole approach continues to be poor. Looking forward to getting back the Cappielow to see if the cowshed pie stall screen still has Tidser and Harkins staring back at us modelling old kits.
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    Sounds positive going forward. Q&A is a useful tool for folk like myself who havent been totally convinced by it all. Only two things that came up that I’m still unsure of. In relation to Cappielow “there could be a clause to give MCT first option to buy if Golden Casket ever decide to sell”. I thought aslong as MCT are in control GC wouldn’t sell Cappielow at all anyway? I understand MCT would want to have first option on this though. The ownership of Cappielow could be a potential worry and surely it would be more beneficial MCT owning it too? Financially that would have huge implications in order to acquire it but ideally this would be owned at time of the changeover. Secondly, “we would like to see the academy continue to thrive, but again this will depend on the post Covid financial position”. Does that sound a bit ominous? Is there an option of not having the academy going forward when it seems to be actually giving us some decent players? I thought this would have been really important going forward with a sustainable/break even budget? Overall the MCT have done a shitload of work on this over the past while which is definitely impressive and hopefully things continue to go in the right direction. You can’t help but compare this progress to the GMST. Light years ahead and I feel MCT is doing what a lot of us would of expected the GMST to be doing. Keeping my fingers crossed for the future.
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    Stonewaller Magazine (never read it, but they seem to be quite reputable) have been offering help with a number of clubs on their marketing, Ayr included for their hideous away kit. Whilst they've been restricted by COVID and social distancing, they've used the approach of fans modelling the kit in everyday environments, instead of the traditional couple of players out on the pitch. The computer generated image posted on Twitter on a Monday morning, the launch day that was only advertised by going into the Smiths website rather than in the original tweet, the late change of date (from a Wednesday to a Monday) are all pretty poor. I could probably go back a few weeks on this thread to point at a few more failings that have escaped me. Don't know where I said it, but the whole thing struck me as the club having the approach of realeasing the kit so now they can get on with paining the crash barriers on the Cowshed. I don't think it's too harsh at all to say the marketing has been lazy. Whether it's because of the pandemic and furlough or whether it's because the club in general don't really give a fuck about marketing even under normal circumstances is up for debate, but there's a good case for both arguments.
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    Indeed. As you'll remember it was nice to meet him in 2008 when we went to Carlisle v Bournemouth at Brunton Park. On overhearing our Scottish accents he asked why we were at the game and who we supported up here, before going on to chat to us about Morton, although his knowledge was understandably limited. Certainly the only World Cup winner, but also the most approachable, amiable footballer or ex-footballer I've ever met . Quite saddened by this news today, rest in peace.
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