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  1. For all that Morton has been a career graveyard for so many players, those two's failings were entirely of their own making. McKay was (and presumably still is) a wee fanny and Shankland was a big fat mess who was shite at St Mirren too. I would be unsure about hat-tricks against defences like ours being worth a call-up if it wasn't for the fact that the alternative is Matt Phillips. The version of Shankland that played for us would almost be preferable to that big donkey.
  2. Didn't mean the green dot there. He was fuckin awful, makes the current lot seem Pique-esque.
  3. That makes it sound faintly appealling, when in reality it's just an absolute fuckin shitehole populated by jakey mutants. God knows who decided to have a big huge window across the front of it, it's the kind of place that should be opened in a nuclear fallout shelter.
  4. Little sign of that happening. As it stands, this summer's been a total shambles that every other manager over the last decade would have been rightfully slaughtered for.
  5. Which assumes it makes it as far as August 2020 without the wheels coming off.
  6. Shame nobody told Hopkin that when he signed Kalvin Orsi and Sam Ramsbottom. Regardless though, as it stands its not exactly clear how this whole thing works in the short-term as the monthly amount could (might, will) rapidly decline over a short time, so it's surely impossible to budget for until it's all in.
  7. Endless Partridge quotes, I'm indifferent to, but open currant bunnery should be an immediate ban.
  8. Are we sure the last half a dozen posts aren't from Alan_Partridge_Ton?
  9. Nothing quite sums up the ineptitude of Inverclyde pubs like not stocking yer bar for Morton winning a league. Wasn't quite on the same level as Phil Cannie getting his fanny out after the Weatherson testimonial, right enough. Strange, strange day. He gave me, Deego and BluebirdTon a lift to Belfast one time.
  10. When everybody eventually left to head elsewhere, he reappeared in a taxi and said "come back, I've got two bottles of Glen's". Sorted, for 10 minutes.
  11. Hard to see the point of the Spinnaker, it's in the arse end of nowhere with it's only redeeming feature - a supposed beer garden - being nothing of the sort. Shame about the Horseshoe, used to quite like it but the horrendous makeover is surely the death knell for it.
  12. Agree entirely with this. This had to be done right, which meant a lot of planning rather than running to the nearest newspaper and name-dropping ex-players every time somebody asks questions. As above, and also...there's about 40 people on the leadership team, a number of whom are apparently there in "fan liason" or "communication" roles. What exactly is the point of them if they're not answering questions on the busiest supporters' outlet on the internet? It's blatantly obvious that they haven't been given any clearer a brief than anybody else, because if they had they'd be able to work together to provide clear, concise information on this thread and elsewhere. It's yet another sign of the poor organisation of the project. Also, the new website is a shambles. I'm more than open to a fan investment/ownership scheme, but this is a cack-handed mess as it stands.
  13. It's actually LinwoodTon who Capitanus does that with seeing as they're BFFs.
  14. I'm glad you cleared that up, I had visions of yous standing with one pint and two straws.
  15. I really can't see any possible way MCT could represent a better use of money than a season ticket. £300 now is quite clearly far more useful. Also, the new MCT website is, surprise surprise, of absolutely no use at all. There's a grain of a good idea in the midst of it, but in its current form it's quite frankly a mess being led by somebody who appears to not have much of a clue what he's doing other than getting himself in newspapers and name-dropping ex-players.
  16. I thought Rory McKeown was called Frank until about December last year. True and important story.
  17. Agreed. I quited like him when he was here, can't really blame him for his choice. I see Falkirk have signed Morgaro Gomis too. Looks like a decent team they're assembling, which will make the implosion even funnier.
  18. £300 per season or £240 over 24 months. There's not really any way that MCT is a better investment than a season ticket, unless you plan on putting significantly more per month than the £10.
  19. If you plan on going to games, that's a quite remarkably stupid way to look at it. What on earth is the point of not getting a season ticket, just to pay each week?
  20. He spent long enough denying who he was under this alias too.
  21. Nothing wrong with cider, but Bulmers/Magners are rotten. Pubs that sell them two and not Strongbow tend to be the same kind of wanker-infested shiteholes that sell rubbish like Fosters and Carling but not Tennent's.
  22. Aye, it is. Whilst it's no loss to the world as a pub, such a heavy fine and the almost-inevitable closure of a small, local business is completely unacceptable, in my opinion, especially when you look at the leniency with which far more serious crimes are handled...and that's before we even get started on Murdoch and his business model. It's fine to punish them, but I don't really see it as the state's business to be protecting private profits in such a vicious manner. You shouldn't lose your business just for showing a few games of football to one man and his dug.
  23. Indeed. It's almost as if running a rubbish pub and still turning away money is doomed to failure.
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