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  1. I think this would hold more water if he hadn't previously been hounded out of Cappielow. If it was unacceptable to sign him first time round, it's not acceptable now and it's a pretty awful look for the club. If he was going elsewhere there'd be an argument for "fresh starts" or whatever, but with Morton that's not really a possibility: the main message here is that a Community ownership is far less bothered about having sex offenders on the books than the previous regime.
  2. Fair play to Ayr, getting their replacement in position early on for when Hopkin makes a cunt of it within a few months.
  3. Whilst I think it's probably the right thing for the club, I'm quite sad to see Millar going. His career has been exemplary, he's a true role model for any young player either coming through at a lower level or "dropping down" from a bigger team. If every player who's passed through Cappielow had even half of Chris' commitment, we'd have established ourselves in the top flight years ago. I've no idea what his future holds, but I'd be delighted to have him back at the club some day if there's a suitable opportunity. As for McGuffie, he might/probably will go elsewhere and be good at some point but aside from the odd spectacular goal he was pretty distinctly average. After the way that season went, I wouldn't be too inclined to be giving many players the benefit of the doubt of another chance, so I think letting him go is the right choice too.
  4. Bizarre. Just about squeezing 2nd with a squad containing the likes of Adam, McGowan and Cummings is hardly an outstanding job.
  5. Whoever offered McGinty a new deal should be sacked immediately too tbh.
  6. Fair point, I hear Sandra Fisher is a strong contender for the manager's job. On Salkeld, you certainly couldn't fault him for effort and at times you could see things from him that suggest he'd be a pretty decent player at a much lower level...but he's a long, long way off being a Championship standard one. Which, of course, means he'll probably run riot next season and score about 10 against us.
  7. Fine apart from GC keeping the car park. They should be told to get right to fuck on that too.
  8. Salkeld has repeatedly proven himself to be utter shite, there’s no harm in putting a youth player in instead. He’s not going to be any less effective.
  9. Welsh very often looked like he was of McGinty levels trying to kick or header a ball. Remarkable that he seems to be doing well at Celtic but ultimately he wasn't even significant enough with us to really be bothered one way or another, unlike with McKay who was and remains a massive prick.
  10. Agreed. Also, perhaps it’s being a wee bit cynical but I’m not really in any great rush to be congratulating the club for organising a raffle. It’s very far from a big achievement.
  11. I see a raffle is the latest fundraiser, dressed up as a “way to commemorate the season”.
  12. Agreed. Ledger would be my choice for POTY, he's not been spectacular but he's quietly and effectively done his job well and hasn't been giving away goals every other game like his defensive colleagues. I'd definitely keep him if possible and, as always, assuming a few better options don't come along.
  13. Morton's signing policy would have been considerably better in recent years if fans had the power of veto over contract offers, if we're being honest about it.
  14. Nobody is going to turn up to watch teams which previously starred the likes of Andrew Dallas. Rangers and Celtic vastly over-estimate the quality of their youth systems imo, there's some amount of dross that gets churned out of them. We really don't need them stinking out the senior league set-up, for an almost endless list of reasons.
  15. Nobody in this squad is close to good enough to taking risks on, nor has anyone shown beyond doubt that they deserve one.
  16. As much as I like Nesbitt, it’s hard not to agree with the previous two posts. I still think he’s got all the attributes required to be a really good player but as time goes on it increasingly looks like it just isn’t really going to happen for him, and especially not at Morton. There’s definitely an element of the eternal curse of a Morton jersey which has put paid to god knows many careers over the years and this current mess in particular isn’t really conducive to helping Aidan elevate his game, but it’s obviously something deeper with him that’s holding him back. I’d love to see him being able to fulfill his potential here but as it stands it’s looking like a move elsewhere would be the best outcome for all parties. He’s not going to get many more chances at a decent level, so hopefully he can sort himself out quickly.
  17. Well, yes. If we're to seriously consider the options, we'd need a lot more information; if we don't or can't get it for whatever reason, then they should be dismissed out of hand. The fact that we've reached this stage with such little clarity - as you say, the picture is now murkier than it was months ago - doesn't reflect well on either party and adds valid grounds for scepticism over what MCT are capable of into mix. If we're going to be told these two options are what's on the table, it's really not a sign of devotion to the Raes to say we should be looking to find out what they really mean rather than the vague outlines that have been given. *Which is also a perfectly valid option in itself, and would be my preferred one. I'm not for a minute here trying to defend the Raes and have zero desire to do so, but it's entirely reasonable to want to know what the options we've been given really entail of if MCT are seemingly happy enough to present them to us.
  18. I’m personally inclined to reject the entire premise of both options, but I also think the core point cmdc makes is an entirely reasonable one: for either of them to be credible even as propositions, we’d need a helluva lot more detail than we’ve been given. The thing that concerns me most is that MCT are just rolling over and taking whatever rubbish GC peddle without any kind of questioning or scepticism, which is a staggering level of naivety given the Rae’s conduct at every previous turn. If we’re for a minute to countenance the prospect of them walking away with the stadium or leaving a highly suspect debt on the books, we at the very least need some indication of what kind of securities MCT would be insisting upon to protect the club from the Rae family.
  19. Likely something more tasteful than Crawford’s boots.
  20. Isn't Crawford on record explicitly stating that the debt would be written off if a viable new owner came along? Correct, and they know it fine well. MCT really need to toughen up.
  21. “The...right-sided midfielder would provide competition for the likes of Craig McGuffie, Cameron Salkeld, Luca Colville on the wings”, according to the Tele. That’s really quite a mental sentence, given that there is still not a credible striker in the squad. Once again, there’s little point in anyone at Morton gurning about budgets if this bizarre obsession with stockpiling wingers is going to continue even at this stage.
  22. The rampaging hoards of Genghis Khan could claim the moral high-ground over English football fans.
  23. English football fans are wankers. Anyway, this is Butler’s career path so far. I have no qualms whatsoever with dismissing luminaries such as Concord Rangers and Hemel Hempstead as no-marks or any other phrase you care to use, because that’s what they are. The point stands that it shouldn’t have taken more than half the season to sign a guy who’s spent the last decade mostly failing to get a game with the likes of the Met Police: there’s surely any number of goalkeepers that could have been signed rather than taking a huge risk in the majority of our league games.
  24. It’s not at all. The lower ends of English football are rubbish, no matter how much anyone wants to wet their knickers over it.
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