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  1. At least they got his name right, despite the obvious anger.
  2. He seems to get progressively better the less he plays. It can't be coincidence that McPherson is the third manager to not overly rate him.
  3. This sums it completely. No one who is even remotely qualified will consider this role. 30 hours a week to run a Championship football club that needs root and branch reform, with a salary of £30k? I think the advert and the advertised salary have reaffirmed my feeling that this may not end well.
  4. I think this is where I am. I want it to work, but nothing that has happened so far fills me with confidence. At the very least they should have a shadow structure in place ready to take over at handover time. The level of signings and the general level of comms suggests a sense of different blazers, similar attitude.
  5. Do we not have any scouts. Or are we just hoovering up last year's players who will stay and anyone who's played for us in the past and is looking for a full time contract?
  6. I've been involved in lots of change programmes. One of the important ways to keep stakeholders on board is to tell them regularly what is going on and be honest when there is nothing new to tell them. It's not rocket science; not being honest and transparent about the reasons for no news allows others to fill the gap with rumour and innuendo.
  7. That's a great bit of writing. Thank you. That thistle game will live long in the memory - I left my house in Warsaw at 6 in the morning to get a flight to Amsterdam to pick up a connecting flight to Glasgow. Got to Glasgow in time to do some shopping for the family and then have lunch with a mate and a couple of pints before the game. Standing in the queue outside Firhill and seeing people I hadn't seen in ages. Getting to the turnstile and having to beg the copper to let me in with the metal coffee cup I'd bought for my wife - he claimed it was potentially offensive, but relented when I showed him my flight tickets. He seemed less concerned with the caramel wafers for the kids. Then 90 minutes of pure tension; always worrying about what Clyde were doing. Absolute joy at the final whistle before trying to rush back to the airport for the flight back. Got home just after midnight. Wouldn't have missed it for anything, but it still doesn't get into my top 3 trips to watch Morton.
  8. Don't often comment on the site for a variety of reasons - main one being I don't see the team as often as I'd like to. I managed three minutes of the video and have to agree with Capitanus. This is not for me. My main concern has always been that is dependent on the GC debt being part of the value of the club. I don't accept that and I would hope that new investors would negotiate it at the very least. I turned off when we got the Dougie tribute version of "we haven't got enough people to make our total, and we don't have a plan in place if we don't make that total. But please ask two friends to invest and we might do it!" At least Dougie only asked us to bring one friend each. The only people I can see benefitting from this is Golden Casket who will reduce their input each year, and watch the debt level reduce. I was stung once by the Trust. That's not going to happen again for me.
  9. Lush were fantastic. A little bit later, but this always made me smile.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jSgYHzACvMI
  10. Phil Spector's Christmas Album. Is it too early?
  11. Marvin Gaye - Heard it through the Grapevine Smokey Robinson - Tears of a Clown Chiddy Bang - Opposite of Adults
  12. Pixies - Monkey Gone to Heaven Pixies - Debaser Sandie Shaw - Puppet on a string
  13. Editors - Munich Tell me when my light turns green - Dexys Midnight Runners Just a Girl she said - Dubstar And off to find my sixpence none the richer album. Cheers TaunTon
  14. Echobelly - Insomniac The Editors - Munich White Lies - Death My shuffle was taking the piss last night.
  15. Len - steal my sunshine The Zombies - She's not there Public Enemy - Harder than you think
  16. I stuck it on to show the boys that music is ageless.
  17. It appears that Emmerson Lake and Balmer have killed off this thread. Recent listenings: Echobelly - Insomniac Undertones - Here comes the Summer Motorhead - Ace of Spades - thanks BBC
  18. If I can join in, as both a cricket and Divine Comedy fan. I think they are trying too hard as DLM. But it works for some people.
  19. Went to see OMD at the Roundhouse last night. Top evening!
  20. Listening to new Johnny Marr album - not bad.
  21. Don't worry, Salty. I'm sure that you're used to disappointing people.
  22. Called an imbecile by salty. I feel truly blessed.
  23. I've had a look through the three dictionaries we have in the house, and had a quick look on the OU's access to the OED. Rape's main accepted meaning in normal society and, surprisingly, the first one in each dictionary is unlawful successful intercourse, often by force. Your use of "plunder" is just childish. And your attempt to justify your use of language to shock and get a reaction are just as puerile. I've no idea what double down means, but I'm assuming it might refer to the duvet/comfort blanket that you're snuggled up in.
  24. You don't get out much, do you. Terrible term to append to a football score.
  25. Dexys - One Day I'm going to soar. Good stuff.
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