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  1. The point being that Ewan is essentially on temporary redundancy due to the position not being required. Having a volunteer carry out the role is an abuse of the furlough system completely. If they want content, they should be paying Ewan to do it and if he’s furloughed, the only thing that should be going out are official updates from McKinnon.
  2. This shows exactly what the aim of the voluntary social takeover is, but also puts the club’s furlough funding at risk by showing someone is doing a similar role to one of the furloughed roles.
  3. The club have had countless offers from fans over the years to help out on that front and have never taken up support. The NHS logo the club are currently using is a breach of copyright unless they’ve had permission which I highly doubt. Putting out random videos of Aidan Nesbitt telling us 5 songs he likes to run to while this is all going on is pointless. All that the official platforms are needed for just now is official updates from the Chief Exec, especially given that they have furloughed the media assistant. It’s fairly clear the boy filling in is being opportunistic an
  4. https://twitter.com/tonclubtogether/status/1144680736915632128?s=21
  5. They’re going to get an independent valuation of the club as £400k clearly isn’t worth only 15% of shares. In theory the £160k could be enough to justify 15% but that will all be agreed before money is taken from people.
  6. Apparently Jai to Livingston is a no go now.
  7. Tidser was sent off for Rotherham on Saturday in the FA Cup
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