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  1. What’s the story? I can’t seem to get podcast to work.
  2. What happens if someone buys Morton and wants to purchase MCT shares. Where would the money go if someone offered a cash sum for 15%?
  3. Joe McKee supposed to be a good wee player.
  4. You fear for the future? Are you of the mindset that the club could die under the current ownership?
  5. My thoughts exactly. Is he not a mate of Crawford Rae? It’s astonishing that so few fans actually know this guy. Going into cappielow most Saturdays you recognise faces and get chatting to folk. Very few folk actually know this fellow. Bring a friend to help Hoppy.
  6. Someone who went to a ‘bigger’ team...
  7. It’s the same as buying a ‘Five bedroom bastard house’. You can put a bid in but when it comes to finding the equity you can find yourself in a caravan or a Linton Travel Tavern.
  8. Is this trust hoping to raise £400k every two years to support the manager? What happens if Crawford is still here in 6 years time?
  9. Sad that Morgan and Taylor never played for Morton youth. Two fine talents who could have brought in revenue to the club or maybe the difference between playoff failure or winners.
  10. Would never work for us. Just need to read this forum to gauge that. Look at the first trust and the shambles that was/is.
  11. What is the club valued at and how much would it take to have a majority?
  12. Will they look to acquire the shares GMST own as we have three trusts on the go which can be confusing so can they replace the GMST and act as sole trust?
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