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  1. Zzzzzz absolutely. Doesn’t take an AH-HA moment to realise this. Some people...
  2. So, hypothetically, you get involved with the takeover and you are ready to negotiate with Crawford. What would your preferred option be? Or what would you like to achieve in an ideal world. The devil in the detaiL can be sorted once we agree on the Vision and mission.
  3. For the avoidance of doubt, are you suggesting we are in a more favourable position with Crawford retaining the stadium? Can you confirm what you feel is a better deal, retaining the stadium or not. Morton would have performed so much better over the last 20years if a proper chairman/chief exec with business acumen, strategic planning and succession planning adopted. Fact!
  4. My fear is the Stadium being transferred to this holding company or GC with Administration leaving but a name and debt for any prospective buyer. Remember Dougie said it would either be an “idiot Or a fan”’who would Buy Morton. Looks like we got both last time!
  5. Is Cappielow registered to Greenock Morton FC? The car park is registered to a different company the RAE’S set up, can’t recall the name. The reason I ask, if we went into Admin and the ground is under another company name, then that is a huge concern. Regarding the “peppercorn rate”, maybe Rae can leave the steak and we can sort our own Peppercorn with whoever we want when the club is sold. RAE’S OUT, STADIUM STAYS.
  6. Can afford a manager though so who is worse? agreed though, should be 3 points for us IF we stick to a game plan.
  7. What’s the story? I can’t seem to get podcast to work.
  8. I really hope that there is no silver cloud mentality by the resident writer in the Tele’s Terrace Talk this week.
  9. We have less and less to have pride in and less people taking pride in the club as they are being driven away. I do not foresee there being as much goodwill as there was the last time, should we enter administration. The damage done by Douglas and Crawford Rae may be irreversible in somE areas.
  10. I think the structure can really be simplified. like the idea but a few roles and layers can be removed.
  11. The Morton fans saved Morton. We backed them to the hill And back Douglas Rae destroyed the club will false promises, complete ineptitude to running a football club, no stability rot succession planning and a failure to move Forward and stop looking to previous glories. The club are bigger than the RAE’S or Anyone but this mess stems from Poor management from Douglas Rae down to contempt from Crawford.
  12. You are a complete cunt. The only way to describe you! The sooner you and your family are removed from Cappielow, the better.
  13. Like I have said, the Rae family are the worst thing To happen I Greenock Morton and they have been nothing but an astronomical disaster and showing their true colours. RAE’S OUT, STADIUM STAYS.
  14. You get my point though? This is grim reading and something a majority of us sensed would, unfortunately, occur. There is no way anyone is going to contribute any money to the Rae family given their utter contempt towards the club and fans. These are the hardest of times with disposable income much lower and uncertain. the heart has been ripped out of the club by the Rae family and generations of fans lost. They have been the worst thing to ever happen to Greenock Morton Football Club and it is clear to see they do not care!
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